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Scaling engineering from 1 to 1 million

Image by @mariettiell on TwitterEditor’s note: RAMP Conference is the second in a series of tech conferences organized in Budapest by three major Hungarian startups: LogMeIn, Ustream and Prezi. The series started with MLOC.JS in February 2013.

When you start a company, you are introducing a new idea to the world. Such a bold endeavor invites challenges that you didn't expect or plan for, perhaps even challenges that noone else has ever confronted. But just because something's new to you doesn't mean that it's new to everybody else. And chances are someone, somewhere has confronted a challenge at least similar to yours. When you're butting up against the frontier of the unknown, the experiences of the members of your community can be an invaluable asset. It's essential that we learn from them.


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The very real loss of a bad presentation 

Everyone who works with presentations on a daily basis knows the frustrations of a meeting, pitch, or presentation that turns out to be an ineffective waste of time where nothing moves forward. What you might not know is the very real risks and losses of every poor presentation, in which case you might want to spend a few minutes reading what our friend and visionary sales leader Jacco VanderKooij found after surveying over 170 executives about the "Value of Presentations." Read more on Future Of Sales Is Now...


How we use Prezi inside Prezi to Collaborate and Share Ideas

Trying to make the best tool in the world for sharing ideas is an enjoyable but sizable task. It shouldn't surprise you to discover that we use Prezi at Prezi quite a bit.

Prezi Product Teams: multiple mini-startups in one room, collaborating.Bringing more than 24 million people together with a tool that zooms and pans across a multitude of browsers and devices is a complex process. To make sure every challenge gets the attention it needs, we operate a "startup within a startup" organizational structure with product teams functioning almost like companies of their own. Prezi product managers are therefore making impactful decisions while juggling numerous demands on a daily basis.

Prezi is there to help them through the entire life-cycle of a product. From problem recognition, to solution ideation, through to testing and launch. To see it in action, watch this video of how our Reuse PM Daniel Vattay uses Prezi to collaborate with his team.


Embedding your prezis - quick guide

You can embed prezis to tons of different places with the help of just a simple piece of HTML code. This embed code is very easy to get your hands on, and once you have it, it opens a world of possibilities.

The next thing to know is that different service providers support the embedding of HTML code in different ways. The good news is that we’ve put together a neat little list of some of the ways that you can embed your awesome prezis into some pretty popular sites. These were all tested by us. If  the service you are looking for is not included, it does not mean that a prezi cannot be embedded with that service, it just means that we have not got round to testing it out ourselves.

One important note, whenever embedding a prezi, make sure the prezi is set to public, otherwise it will not display in the way you want.

Social Media Sites:


We embed prezis into our Facebook pages (it's not yet possible to put one into a timeline) using an app called: Static HTML: iframe tabs. You can search for it through the Facebook search bar. It looks like this:

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The Next Generation of Templates

Prezi value Number One is to help others share their ideas. From what we’ve learned so far, one of the best ways to do that is to provide as much inspiration as we can. With that in mind, we’re unveiling our latest batch of inspiration providers: more than 80 beautiful, vivid new templates. 

These new designs are out currently and ready for you to use right now. What you’ll find is more color, stronger visuals, and lots of stunning photographs across three distinct collections. We highly recommend combining templates with our new symbol sets to make your ideas even more beautiful.

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