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Prezi Day 2013 Recap—Videos, Photos, and More

Alyssa Puchacz is a member of our Support Team in Budapest. She, along with Adam Somlai-Fischer and several other Prezi employees, traveled to Amsterdam to participate in Prezi Day 2013. Below is her account of the event, along with photos, videos, and a recap prezi from the awesome talks that made up the day.

Prezi Day 2013 took place in Amsterdam on October 3rd. Among the guests were first time Prezi users, official Prezi Experts, Prezi employees, and many more! It was a wonderful way for us all to get together and share ideas and best practices.

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Getting Their Attention & Their Business

This blogpost is the first in a series called Prezi for Business, which will feature stories and insights from entrepreneurs, salespeople, and business owners who use Prezi to be more efficient and effective at work. From boardroom presentations to sales pitches, learn more about how Prezi can make your job easier by following our Prezi for Business blog series.

At Electronic Commerce, Inc. (ECI), innovation is the name of the game. The award-winning company is changing the way that midsized businesses manage their employees, and its team has adopted some new tools to make sure that it remains ahead of the curve.

ECI’s unique pitch deck gives their sales team an advantage in front of executives.

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Cash for Hacks

Prezi is a service used to convey information. As a result, we store a lot of information in the cloud. Some of that information is confidential, some of it is sensitive, some of it could change the world (we like to think). That means keeping that information secure is critical for everyone who uses Prezi. If people can’t trust us, we might as well give up now, and as appealing as it sounds to spend long days in our pajamas munching fruit loops, it just won’t pay the rent. To help keep the landlords off our backs, we have a security team that does everything it can to keep our development methodology and services secure.

They aren’t a bunch of super hackers who know Kung Fu, but they’re pretty cool. Part of what makes them cool is the fact that they believe in the power of responsible disclosure. Being smart is also cool, and our guys are smart enough to know that mum wasn’t lying when she said two heads are better than one. As if to prove this to everyone, our cool, smart security team are inviting people to hack Prezi. Yeah that’s right, anyone. Hack us, go ahead, try it.

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Three Tips for Creating an Amazing Prezumé from Iveta & Kipras

You may recognize Iveta and Kipras from the “Popular Prezis” page. For various very good reasons, these two plucky youngsters decided to move from Lithuania to Canada. As it that weren’t enough, they also set out to get themselves employed. So, they created prezumes that quickly spread across the web and garnered thousands of views in just a few days. All of their hard work paid off—both are now gainfully employed and starting their lives on a new continent. In fact, their prezumés were so successful that even now both Iveta and Kipras are still getting calls from interested employers!

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How a broken arm and Prezi helped me save New York

This blog post is part of Prezi Profiles, a series that highlights the stories of people using Prezi for a wide variety of purposes, from engaging students in the classroom to coordinating relief efforts in disaster areas. Do you know someone doing amazing things with Prezi who should be featured in a Prezi Profile? Let us know at

Willow Brugh is known for her notes. As a research affiliate at the Center for Civic Media at MIT’s Media Lab and the Harvard Berkman Center for Internet and Society, she spends a lot of time discussing complex, abstract ideas and taking notes on the conversations she has. But you won’t find pages and pages of typed-up transcripts on Willow’s hard drive; instead, you’ll find prezis full of her hand-drawn notes.

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