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Straight to trash, do not pass go, do not collect $200

Jacco van der Kooij is the former Vice President of Worldwide Sales at Technicolor where he was responsible for Digital Content & Online Media Sales.  Today Jacco is helping start-ups design, implement and execute online sales strategies.  You can find out more about his work via his blog recently named by Top Sales World as one of the Top 50 Marketing & Sales BLOG sites of 2013.

It’s 7.30am, and I am waiting in line at Starbucks.  This is my time to prepare for the day, and I am cleaning out my inbox full of content—content that cost thousands of dollars, and endless of hours, to create.  My daily clean-out routine starts by deleting the common perpetrators: winback emails from companies I don’t care about, free offers for things I don’t want, whitepapers shared in file folder urging me to click on them, status updates and tweets from my network begging me to read something they didn’t…

This constant barrage of digital content has made us numb. The sad fact is that most of us would rather watch a video of a cat pushing another cat down some stairs than read your corporate white paper.

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Prezi is our business card

Reputation is at the core of all of Llorente & Cuenca’s consulting services. As a communications consultancy firm focused on helping corporations and institutions engage with users and communities, creating an emotional bond between a brand and its audience lies at the heart of their mission. Since 2011, when they first started using it, Llorente & Cuenca’s teams have been using Prezi to help clients understand proposals and strategies in a compelling and engaging way.

“Prezi is fun and easy to use. And above all, Prezi has helped us sell.”

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Kudos to the Prezi Experts

Drew Banks is the former Head of Marketing at Prezi. As our new Head of International, he will watch over Prezi’s worldwide expansion. A true early adopter, he has been with the company for two and a half years. In his spare time, Drew is also an entrepreneur, a business author, and a novelist.

This week I attended Barcelona’s first Prezi Night held at the trendy Fábrica Moritz and hosted by independent Prezi Expert The 150+ person, 5-hour event included two masterclasses—one on visual thinking and one on Prezi—and several short presentations from a diverse group of presenters that included a local activist, a voice coach, an educator, and a visual architect who formerly devised and constructed visual spaces with Prezi cofounder Adam Somlai-Fischer.

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Idea, Presentation, Acquisition: A Business Success Story

Elmer Bol is the Director of Product Management in Autodesk's Reality Capture Group. Prior to joining Autodesk he spent 10 years at IBM and co-founded the Netherlands-based software company Alice Labs.

As I stepped on stage to address 400 experts and journalists at the most important conference in the world for people in our industry, I knew we had a great idea. 

What I didn't know was that after just one presentation our small team would turn what was once a side project, built over weekends spent in an attic, into an acquisition target for one of the biggest software companies in the world. 

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Eco-Innovators Unveil Their Tech

Last week, top greentech, cleanweb, and social impact entrepreneurs from around the country gathered in Austin, Texas to present their companies to a panel of industry experts and live audiences as part of SXSW Eco's Startup Showcase. 

Each company was given just three minutes to make their pitch—powered by Prezi.

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