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Prezi Designer Contest Winners

Last month, we ran a contest for a full-time job at Prezi designing prezis for speakers at top conferences around the world. We received over 100 great entries, and chose the following three entrants to interview at Prezi:

AUE by Travis Hitchcock

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Create Prezis Using Gestures

Ever wondered how comfortable it would be to edit your prezi while sitting on the sofa? What if you could just lay back and make presentations by controlling Prezi with voice and hand gestures? Well, we felt the same way—it'd be cool! So it follows that this idea became a project as part of our most recent Prezi Hackathon.

We used Kinect to capture body movements. It has a built-in camera, depth sensor, and even voice recognition. We set up a computer that was connected to the Kinect. For the sake of ease of use, we used the official Kinect SDK for communicating with the device. It provides a high level interface and gives back rather precise skeleton coordinates of the user. While Linda, guest participant in our team, started to implement a socket server on the .NET side to send the coordinates through a socket to the Prezi application, Balint, Senior Developer at Prezi, extended the online Prezi editor to accept these coordinates and display the user's left and right hands on the canvas—Maria, our wonderful designer, helped us by creating lovely graphics for them.

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Accelerating the Zoom

Sharing great ideas often means challenging preconceived notions, for example, the notion that a presentation should be a sequence of squares. But why, really?  At Prezi, we challenge this 350-year-old format, not because it’s old, but because we have seen how people enjoy exploring spaces, rather than slides. We hear presenters and audiences describe how they are taken on a visual journey, and lean forward to share the experience.

So, at Prezi, we enjoy challenging preconceived notions, and we try to do this on every level in our company-- even with the people we choose as investors.  Two years ago, when we closed our Series A, it was TED Conferences’ first investment in a company, and for Sunstone Capital it was their first investment in a Hungarian company.

Today, we are excited to announce Accel Partners has joined Prezi today as a third investor. It’s obvious that these guys know a thing or two about growing businesses, and we feel very proud to have them on board.

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Prezi Night Tokyo II

Prei Night Tokyo II

The second annual Prezi Night in Tokyo took place on Saturday, Dec 3, hosted by an awesome Japanese Prezi user community.

The fun event was a chance for Japanese users to meet each other and share experiences using Prezi. There were even Prezi quizzies and Prezi Karaoke. Check out more photos here and here.

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Say Hello to Arthur!

Arthur is working with us 24/7 at Prezi. He is a robot and can be remote controlled via the company chat room. You can use him to announce when lunch is ready, or drop him a line with a YouTube link and he will immediately start to play it on his loudspeakers. 

And what happens if an automatic test fails? He switches to maximum volume, turns on an annoying siren, and his little cap starts to flash! Of course the most used command is: "Stop."

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