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Facebook's new campus is presented in Prezi

Gensler Architecture's San Francisco office works for companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Google and Nokia. When hired to create or rethink work spaces, Gensler's process is to learn about the company's culture first, then - in line with that - they introduce personalized design plans. One of their current projects is the complete redesign of Facebook's new office campus in Menlo Park, CA. Gensler uses Prezi to introduce their plans and thoughts to decision-makers at Facebook. Design Strategist Randy Howder told us how they use Prezi, and why Facebook managers love the tool.

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Better lines and arrows, image cropping


You can use arrows and lines to make your prezi story easier to follow. Based on your feedback, we have updated this feature.

How to draw straight lines, resize and bend lines and arrows:
1. Draw a line or arrow and double-click it.
2. Drag the control points on one of the edges to resize length / move edges on the canvas
3. Drag the control point at the center of a line or arrow to bend it
4. Set the thickness of lines or arrows using the Zebra’s middle ring

Also, you can save a lot of time by cropping your images right in prezi without using any third party editors to set up your photos before loading them to your prezi.

How to crop images:
1. Double-click on an image to see the four control points.
2. Drag control points to select the part of the image you want to keep.
3. Hit Enter or ESC to crop the image; or, click anywhere outside of the image to crop.

1. Cropped parts are not permanently cropped, they are just hidden. Double-clicking the image again will let you show the entire image, enabling you to crop again.
2. To crop an image, it must be at least 10x10 pixels in size.
3. You can crop JPG, PNG, PDF, and SWF images.
4. You cannot crop SWF animations or movies.


Xbox hack, iPad remote and dancing frames at Prezi Hackathon 

A Prezi remote controller for the iPad, a search feature for the editor, a funny frame shaker which makes your prezi content dance around, and a new office wall art installation were the results of the 3 day long Prezi Hackathon event organized in our Budapest office this spring. By genre, a hackaton refers to an event where developers come together to hack on what they want to, how they want to - with little to no restrictions on direction or goal of the programming. In our interpretation it was a bit different since Prezi team members and friends could work together on any prezi related projects they wanted to. We are happy to share the results after the jump.

1. iPad remote
Ever dreamed about walking up to a conference stage and remotely controlling your projected prezi by pinching and panning on your iPad? Sounds pretty sleek, huh? Prezi now has an official hack that does the trick. Check the video for the details:

2. Editor searchbar
Our mixed team of prezi developers and guests came together to think about features that would improve the Prezi editor too. They came up with a search bar inside the editor that would allow the user to find text, and objects easily. Watch how the result looked like many pizzas later:

3. Control prezis - Minority Report style
The gesture controlled computers of the movie Minority Report are starting to be part of reality. On Prezi Hackathon we used Microsoft Kinect to control a presentation with multi-handed gestures. Zooming and panning are just hand movements in the air, our prototype is a futuristic method to a give a zoomable presentation.

4. Frame shaker
Snapping allows you to align text and images in prezi, so you can create a more organized presentation. But what if you want to shake up your ideas instead of creating a decent bullet list out of them?
By grabbing and shaking surrounding frames, this hack makes text jump around, resulting beautiful chaos in size and position of your text. This one would be nice to randomize arguments or lists in your prezi.

5. Wall art for our new office
As you might have seen our Facebook gallery, our Budapest team recently moved to a new, bigger and lighter office. To make the new place more friendly, we have decided to recycle Prezi founder and lead desiner Adam's 2006 art installation "Ping Geniul Loci". It's a plastic RGB pixel wall, which can be manually adjusted to show messages on the wall. (See image above).


A good idea told with Prezi won $50,000

We were so excited to hear that Jonathan Chan (left in photo) won $50,000 after using Prezi to submit his idea to a contest! Jonathan graduated in the spring of 2010, working in financial services in New York, and entered a Facebook-based contest about how to raise personal savings in the US. A month later he found out that he won the grand prize. He was interviewed live by CNBC, and featured in the New York Times. This is his story. Congrats, Jonathan!

How did you hear about Prezi?

Jonathan: I first saw Prezi during a presentation by a friend for a club event. It was not just the typical powerpoint presentation we are all used to. The animation and graphics looked like it was professionally done. The story of the presentation came across much better than just text on a page.

Tell us more about the contest.

During my senior year at Northwestern university, I decided to enter a Facebook-based contest, called Raise the Rate. The contest sought creative solutions to raising the US personal savings rate to 10% in two years. The idea was to incorporate savings rates into credit scoring to:

1 incentivize people to save in order to raise their credit scores and
2 help creditors get a better read on a person’s credit worthiness.

I knew I needed to go above and beyond the typical presentation. This is where Prezi came in. After seeing Prezi in action before I knew it was the perfect platform to start working on my presentation. I mapped out my ideas and then built them into a Prezi with relative ease. Because the submission had to be a YouTube video, I recorded myself on my iPhone while doing the presentation on Prezi. I then used screen capture software to record the actual presentation and video editing software to join the video and the audio together, eventually uploading that to YouTube. I submitted the idea about a week before the deadline.

What advice to you have for fellow Prezi users?

Well, Prezi is about being creative. While just as a standalone platform, Prezi is already very powerful. Incorporating other tools can magnify the impact of any presentation. I thought about how I could use different photos and photo editing software to stitch my message into a cohesive storyline. The screen capturing and audio overlay was also crucial in my final presentation. It’s all about utilizing and thinking about Prezi as a powerful tool within your arsenal.


3 new Prezi books in Korea, Japan

As you probably have seen the photos and videos on our Facebook wall, Prezi CEO Peter Arvai is visiting the Korean and Japanese Prezi communities these days, and we are happy to introduce two new Korean and a Japanese book about Prezi during his visit in the region!

The Korean releases are especially exciting, since both of them are results of true community effort.
Prezi for Dummies - the Korean translation of last year's original US release - was brought to life with the help of Jihoon Roh, Prezi trainer and founder of the Korean Facebook and Twitter fanpages.
Prezi lecturer Do-won LEE (lower left image) wrote another book for the Korean market which introduces Prezi's logic and approach to presentations, while it also provides best practices and a manual. Dowon also created a nice prezi introducing his book. During his stay in Korea, Peter met with both authors, journalists and bloggers and talked at many exciting events in Seoul.

A book about Prezi in Japan goes to stores on Friday March 4. It's been released by Nikkei BP, a well known magazine and technology book publisher in Tokyo.
The book will be introduced by Peter at Prezi Night on Friday, an event organized by the publisher in Tokyo.
A week ago the release party the event was already sold out, hundreds of people want to meet Peter in Tokyo tomorrow. Keep updated about the event details on the new Prezi JP Facebook fanpage!