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Prezi Zooms to 5 Million Users

We are thrilled to announce that, today, Prezi crossed the 5 million user mark!

Prezi Zooms to 5 Million Users on Prezi

You continue to inspire us with your creativity, enthusiasm, and with the amazing prezis you create. Please continue to innovate and let us know if you have new ideas for how to use Prezi.

Thank you!


Prezi hearts Facebook: One click signup, embed prezis to your wall

Signing up for the free Public Prezi account has become even easier. Now you can sign up with your Facebook account, and start to create your first prezi immediately.

Embed prezis to your Facebook wall

Sharing nice prezis from our public library, or put your latest work to the test in your Facebook community became more effective as well. Paste the link of any public prezi as a status update to our official Facebook page. Your link will be converted to an embedded prezi that can be clicked through or set to full screen straight from Facebook. It works just like YouTube video embeds.

Please note: if you already have a Prezi account, you cannot log in using your Facebook account.


View PDF, SWF files, share prezi links on the iPad

We're excited to release the new version of our iPad app featuring some long awaited updates:

1. pdf support: PDF graphics and documents embedded to your prezi shows are now supported on the iPad.
2. share prezi links: tapping a prezi link you received in email, chat, text etc. on your iPad launches Prezi Viewer and downloads the prezi automatically - easy to share and view.
3. swf support: Prezi uses flash - now iPad users can fully experience the magic of zooming presentations (swf animations are not yet supported).

In this update we focused on two areas: providing a full prezi experience on the iPad by removing hardware limitations (SWF, PDF support) and opening up your iPad to be able download and view any prezis out there. To get started we added a small library of prezis we like to the app. Go, explore!


Prezi "Zoom Back to School" Contest

Zoom back to school

We are constantly amazed by the many ways people are using Prezi to share and explore their ideas.

One area we're particularly excited about is how people are using Prezi in the classroom.  From creating complex lectures on brain science,  to teaching children exploratory learning in groups,  teachers and students of all levels are using Prezi to inform and engage their classrooms.

Now, we want to hear from you!

In honor of school getting back in session this year, we are pleased to announce the Prezi "Zoom Back to School" Contest:

Showcase a lesson that you’ve built in Prezi, and tell us how you use Prezi to teach, learn and explore different ideas.  Zoom out to illustrate your science project, or zoom into your plans for a semester abroad. Be creative, and make your prezi relate to the 2010-11 school year.

One Grand Prize Winner will win a new iPad with the Prezi Viewer, so they can pinch and zoom on their Prezi in the classroom. Three runner-ups will also win 1 year Prezi-pro licenses.

Here's How to Enter:

Tell us about how you plan to use Prezi to teach and learn in your classroom. Inform us about your topic, and what makes you so excited about it.

POST YOUR PREZI on the Prezi Facebook Contest Tab
Just visit our page and click on the “Like” button at the top. Then submit your prezi on the "Contest" tab at Left.

The Prezi with the most "Likes" on Facebook wins;  So get the word out about your Prezi!

Grand Prize: Wins a new iPad 2 with the Prezi Viewer iPad app
3 Runners-ups: Win free Prezi Pro Accounts

Contest Guidelines:
Your Prezi  should showcase a “Lesson”  about the ideas you are excited to explore this year. It should teach people about your subject:
• Best Use of the Prezi Functionalities: How can you use the possibilities of Prezi in innovative ways to best illustrate your concepts?
• Most Fun!  How can you use Prezi to show just how excited/ passionate you are.
• Most Liked: Spread the word and get people to 'like' your prezi!

The "Zoom Back to School" Contest is open for submissions now until October 15th, 2011. Then there will be a 2 week voting period, until October 30th. Winners will be announced on November 1.

Thanks everyone- we look forward to seeing how you plan to  "Zoom Back to School"  this year with Prezi!

Submit your Prezi Here!

The Prezi team


You say Prezzi, I say Presy

After people have given successful presentations using Prezi on different stages around the globe, there are always some folks from the audience who catch them and ask about the presentation tool they used. The overwhelming majority of these conversations end on a high note: the speaker made an impact and those who just learned about Prezi go home and start working on their own game-changing presentations.

If life were only that simple... Our logs show that many who are interested in Prezi type funny, Prezi-like words into search engines when trying to get started. Below is a list of the top 10 misspellings we found on Google Analytics. Pronouncing them aloud helps to guess the part of the world from which it originates.

1. Prezzi
2. Prezy
3. Presi
4. Prezie
5. Pretzi
6. Preszi
7. Prexi
8. Prisi
9. Prizi
10. Prezio

If you are ever asked about the tool you were using on stage, just say: "it's Prezi - with a Z like zooming." And the name comes from the Hungarian word for: prezentáció".