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#mynerdstory—Linda Czinner, Tech Lead

In our sixth post inspired by Crystal Beasley's nerd story, Linda, a software engineer at Prezi, describes her journey from medical student to tech lead on our desktop application team. Over the past several weeks, we have been giving space for some of the amazing women who work at Prezi to share the journeys that brought them here—we hope that by sharing our stories, we can increase the number of female role models in tech and inspire women to follow their passion wherever it may lead.

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What will the presentations of the future look like?

When Prezi was created in 2009, our cofounders envisioned a future where presenters would show prezis on huge video walls—instead, five years later, people are presenting from tiny touchscreens and sharing their ideas wherever they go.

Our founders may have got the screen size wrong, but they did get one thing right: technology has forever changed how people share ideas.

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Making the world better.

“Make the world better.”

Those four words dictate so much of what we do—and why we do it—here at Prezi. As one of our core values, this mantra has motivated us to engage with our communities in Budapest and San Francisco. We work hard to tackle the injustices we see around us, through efforts like Coding Girls and the Romasters mentorship program. But we are just 200 individuals—we can only do so much on our own.

Luckily, we’re not on our own. People from all over the world have been sending us their stories—stories of how they have been using Prezi to make a real difference in their own communities. These stories inspire us every day to continue building tools that help people share ideas and bring their dreams to life.

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When Things Go Wrong in Public Speaking

It’s all very well to be prepared for a talk or presentation, but if something goes awry (a cell phone rings, the wrong slide pops up, you forget your place, etc), it’s easy to panic. This tends to produce anxiety, and stress = sweaty palms, physical tremors, accelerated heart rate and more. When this happens, we begin to focus on the feeling of anxiety and not what’s happened to interrupt the presentation. This self-misguided focus exacerbates the problem as we berate ourselves inside, then wish we could just disappear completely.

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Struggling to engage your audience? You don’t have to!


Have you noticed that audiences have become more and more demanding over the past couple of years? Wifi, mobile devices, and social media have made it easier than ever for people to tune out your talk. With their dwindling attention spans, audiences want to be wowed with an engaging story, killer visuals, memorable statistics, and a well-prepared presenter… But what if you don’t have the time, energy, or know-how to put all of this together?

At Prezi, we want to help anyone give a presentation that will make people sit up and pay attention. That’s why we’ve created the Presentation Tool Kit, now available in the all-new Prezi Webshop.

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