New licenses. Prezi Desktop. Updated editor.

Prezi is public now. We massively upgraded our servers. Anyone can start using Prezi right away. Many of you have asked about this, so let me start by saying:

You can see our plans and prices here.


But this is not all. We love sharing our Prezi online. But many many times, we wished that we could just finish the work on the plane, or do the final touch at the conference, or not having to wait to upload the HD video. Wait is over. Please allow us to introduce our offline standalone editor. Well, its a hybrid application, you can use it offline, but you can share your Prezi with a drag. Curious?

Have a peek at


We also updated the interface,

path steps are numbered, you can do projector proportioned frames, and many more. You can see the details about that in this previous post

And finally, now you can create, manage, join groups. This simplifies collaborations in teams, companies by a large extent.
We hope you enjoy these updates, we worked very hard to bring them all to you!

And in detail

First about the licenses. There are many many different uses for Prezi, from public education to top secret product demos. We defined 3 licenses which we hope will work for all of you.

First, if your software budget is very tight, go for Public License. Here Prezi is free of charge, and you eventually pay with your content, meaning that your presentations will be shared, visible to others on We developed an algorithm which filters unfinished and 'just trying' prezi out, so the showcase will be a good resource for inspiration. (a side note: Public license puts a little extra load on your image search, as you should use images and videos from the net, whose licenses allow you to reuse them. You can search Flickr for example with various 'creative commons' license options, and there are millions of great images which can be used even for commercial purposes freely.)

If you have a little money to spare, Enjoy license gives you full control over your presentations' visibility, more space, no Prezi branding. If you do your work fully online, use services like Twitter, Gmail or Google Docs, Enjoy license is probably for you.

Finally, if presentations have a great importance in your work, you travel a lot, or you need to keep certain things off the net, go Pro. Pro includes our offline standalone Prezi editor, the Prezi Desktop. The editor is 99% identical with the online version. However, there are some interesting details. Prezi Desktop is a hybrid app, you can log in to your account from the Desktop, and easily share online or download Prezis. The whole Prezi manager itself is a zooming interface, allowing you to quickly find the things you want. Some basic form of copy paste from one Prezi to the other is working as well. While we are confident Prezi Desktop is already worth its price, this is the first release, and many many features will be included in near future updates.

We also offer the possibility of your own installation of Prezi server, either for larger institutions, or for full data security with convenient sharing.

And last, we have a trial, which is fully functional, no time limit, but you can only create 3 Prezis, and download your finished ones 3 times. All the beta accounts (not the pro ones) will go into Try mode now, and you have time to try, evaluate and decide what is best for you.

Lets talk about the details in the comments. Let us know what you think.