New Release Features: Educational License, Reuse, Learn Center

Besides the new editor, we introduce three additional features today:

  1. Educational license: long-awaited feature requested by students and educators.

  2. Prezi Reuse: share a copy of your prezis with others to use as a template.

  3. New learn center: multimedia lessons and a community space to share your thoughts.

See how these shiny new things work after the jump!

Educational License

In response to a growing demand, (read the open letter to the Prezi CEO, demanding a school license) we developed an educational license pack. Students and teachers can now create private prezis for free. They can have Prezi Desktop at a special price. Upon verification of student/teacher identity, Prezi EDUEnjoy is free and Prezi EDUPro comes with a special educational discount.

edulicenses_blogpostIf you are a teacher/student and already use Prezi:

Have a Public account? - upgrade to EDUEnjoy for free.

Have an Enjoy account? - upgrade to EDUPro for free! (Enjoy and EDUPro have the same price: $59. As an Enjoy user, you need to provide your credit card data to buy EDUPro, since it's a different product. You can start using it straight away without being charged. In accordance with our recurring payment system, you will be charged $59 when your current license expires).

Have a Pro account? - You can switch to EDUPro once your current license expires. Cancel your subscription by hitting the "Cancel" button on your settings page. You can use your current account during the remaining time of the year. Once it expires, go and sign up for EDUPro!

Prezi Reuse

This new feature allows you to offer a copy of your prezis to everyone for content remixing. If you have a Public license, the reuse option is checked by default when you create a new prezi. Of course, you can uncheck it with a click to keep your content from being accessible by others. If you have an Enjoy or Pro license, you can share your published prezis for reuse by marking the dedicated checkbox. You can find prezis offered for remix in the reuse library.


Save a copy of interesting prezis, and use them as templates for your own work!

Why will you like this?

  1. It's easier to get inspired as you play around with an existing prezi, replacing texts and images as you build your version.

  2. Build a prezi just 10 minutes before a meeting: search for a prezi in the Reuse Library, save a copy to your own account, and replace the content.

  3. Don't end the loop: offer your version for further reuse! The result will be a growing database of diverse open knowledge.

New Learn Center

Prezi Learn Center - Become a Pro!When building our new learn center, we had three goals in mind:

  1. Collect all written and multimedia information on one page.

  2. Offer step-by-step, detailed lessons for authors on different experience levels about how to use Prezi. Video and prezi introductions, guides, walkthroughs, and how-tos now live in the Prezi Academy.

  3. You provide great feedback on our community forums, and we are happy to take this to the next level. Live From Prezi Universe is a new, dynamic section to share tips and tricks, read inspirational Prezi experiences, and get advice from professionals.


You can also check the updated Manual for further guidance. If you can't find an answer to your questions anywhere in the Learn Center, visit our community forums for personal support!