New: Full Control Over YouTube Videos

Embedding videos to a presentation can give extra value to a talk. Film is indubitably the most powerful story telling tool, choosing to present your ideas with the aid of an embedded video can add a dramatic effect to your topic. We kept this in mind when we have developed YouTube integration to Prezi. Many presentation tools can handle video files, you can upload them from your hard drive to the presentation. With Prezi, you can do this too of course. However it was a logical step for Prezi - an online presentation tool - to go beyond this approach and offer a much simpler and faster solution.

Embedding YouTube videos to prezis opens new possibilities for the presenter. You just need to create a new textbox by double clicking the canvas, then paste a YouTube video URL and press OK. That's it. Should it be a spectacular ballroom presentation that you have created to stun your audience, or a business meeting where you need to deliver hardcore data and information, this option always comes handy.

Our recent upgrade allows you to play, pause, adjust and control the volume of embedded YouTube videos right in the editor or in show mode while you present. Prezi's new navigation bar for YouTube videos is a feature we have just released, so check the screencast below, and try it out with your editor now!