November's Champion of the Month: Zoli!

Prezi Community is a forum to share your ideas about Prezi with each other - and also a good place to get support from other users or staff. Every month, we introduce our latest “Champion” (the most active user of the past month) of the community. This month the accolade goes to: Zoli Németh!

1. Where in the world are you from? And where do you currently reside?

I was born and raised in Hungary, which is very much the cradle of Prezi. I'm currently living in Budapest, a city that is in my opinion perhaps the most beautiful capital in the world.

2. How did you first find out about Prezi?

My first meeting with Prezi is a nice story. I met Peter Arvai (and Prezi) in April of 2009. At that time, Prezi was a small and hopeful company. The office was almost empty and less than 60 square meters in size. The situation was similar to Apple’s garage in the 80's. Let’s hope the result ends up being something similar.

3. What do you do professionally? How is your work related to Prezi?

I have been working as a trainer specializing in presentation techniques for quite some time now. Doing this job means that I cover a whole spectrum of work from training and individual coaching, through to designing presentations (with Prezi of course), and ending with blog writing (, It is less of a job and more of a passion for me. My mission is to increase the quality of Hungary’s presentation culture. The current level is something that often drives me crazy. My most recent presentation is called Presentation Criminal Law and it’s about the most serious presentation crimes that are committed by presenters everywhere. The very first paragraph is about something called "information overdose." To me, this kind of overdose has a very similar effect to taking too many narcotics, but just like certain recreational substances, it is something that some people seem to be addicted to. You might say that it is a drug for the business world.

4. As a business person, in which situations do you use Prezi?

From 2010, I have been using Prezi for all client situations, everything from tender proposals to presentations and much more. So far, Prezi has always provided a strong medium for all of these situations, and consequently it always gives its users a high likelihood of a winning outcome.

5. How did you get to become involved in the Prezi GetSatisfaction forum?

Sometimes I find good tips and advice for improving my Prezi experience via the forum, and I always like to give as much as I get, so I try to give back to the Prezi community by helping others with my own good answers whenever I can.

6. Tell our users one interesting thing about you.

My  favourite sport is whitewater kayaking, especially the rodeo discipline. Unfortunately, I usually do my paddling in Slovenia, Austria, and Bosnia because Hungary is a whitewater-free country.