What's for Lunch?

Hi, my name is Andres. I work for Prezi in Budapest as the Head of Bistro.

What does this mean? Well, in our Budapest office, we have a cool bistro where Prezi employees and friends can have delicious and healthy food, while listening to a special selection of music.

But this position is about more than food. We want a bistro where you can feel at “home,” maintaining the start-up feel as we grow. We also want to ensure professional and efficient service, which we are improving every day.

My day starts very early, at the Budapest Market, searching for fresh fruits and vegetables, dried fruits, and sometimes meat or seafood. Every morning I prepare fruit salads, smoothies, and our famous DIY sandwiches. We also offer nice Italian coffee, tea, yogurt, muesli, cereals, or just fruit. Actually, the most popular thing in our bistro is the orange juice machine. We drink the juice of 40 kgs of oranges every day!

After this healthy breakfast, there are some days when the bistro receives food from a wide selection of external restaurants for lunch. Other days, our super chef Ramon cooks some Hungarian and fusion delights for everyone. We also have snack days where we taste international recipes, like tacos and gazpacho, among others.

But I feel that one of the main goals of the Bistro is the atmosphere. The Bistro’s crEATive environment allows people to taste new flavours and experience music. I believe all of this improves human relationships. Soon we will also start to show documentaries, so the bistro will become an essential part of Prezi internal culture. You can see people working from here, enjoying the fine selection of music from the bistro sound system, or even Prezi musicians participating in spontaneous jam sessions. Most importantly, you can see happy people here.

Come to the Prezi Bistro and share your story with us, over a coffee or a fresh orange juice!