How to make the perfect prezi in half the time

As the end of the quarter approaches, annual assessments and reports get turned in, finals looms large, and the holidays descend upon us, and things can start to get really hectic. ‘Tis the season when everybody could use a little bit more time—unfortunately, that’s not something you’ll find under the tree on Christmas morning. A more realistic solution is to find ways to get the job done quickly and more efficiently.

Fortunately, Prezi has the tools and features that will help you make a beautiful, zooming presentation twice as fast—so you can spend more time practicing your big speech or shopping for gifts for your second cousins. Take a look at our list of way to save time with your prezi, and then head to the editor to give them a try:

1. Copy a reusable prezi.

What’s the fastest way to make an awesome prezi? Reuse the work that you (or someone else) have already done! You can create a copy of any Public & Reusable prezi—simply click the “Make a copy” button—and then edit it to suit your purposes. Whether you want to rearrange the content that’s already there, or delete everything and start afresh with just the same fonts and colors, reusable prezis are a quick and easy way to get your ideas looking beautiful.

2. Let Prezi add the complicated path points for you.

Visualizing complex ideas is one of the things that Prezi does best—and it’s also easier than ever thanks to our “Insert Diagram” tool. Do you want to illustrate the deeper issues that lie beneath the surface of a seemingly simple problem? Or perhaps you want to explain the differences and similarities between three choices. Our “Insert Diagram” feature will help you find the perfect visual metaphor for your ideas and you can add it to your prezi with the click of a mouse.

3. Streamline your Prezi-making with Google Image Search.

Did you know that you can search for great images on Google and add it directly to your prezi, all without leaving the Prezi editor? Save yourself the time it takes to open a new tab, download an image, and re-upload it into your prezi—you can do it all from the image sidebar with a single click. If you add up all the seconds you save with each image you add, you might actually have enough time to get your eggnog made and enjoy the holiday season for a change.

4. Save your favorite images in “My Collection.”

If you find yourself using the same images and frames over and over again, you can use the “My Collection” feature to save a little time. If you save your favorite content—like your company logo or your conference bio—to your collection, you can then access it conveniently whenever you’re in the Prezi editor, rather than having to copy and paste it from previous prezis or search for it on your desktop!


5. Let your fingers fly with our keyboard shortcuts.

We’re about to let you in on one of the best-kept Prezi secrets—our keyboard shortcuts. Kiss your mouse goodbye, because you can do everything from zooming in and out to drawing different kinds of frames with a single keystroke. Head to the keyboard shortcuts Support page to see the full list, and start typing your way through the editor to save time and make prezis like a pro.