How a Little Spatial Visualization can Give You a Big Boost

Editor’s note 

Small businesses have started using Prezi as a tool for pitching on the go and sharing ideas anywhere. To gain further insight into how Prezi is helping small businesses, we reached out to our friends at Money Crashers and asked them to share their experiences. 

There can be pretty much no doubt that technological innovation has played a key role in supplying small businesses with all the neat tools they need to compete in the modern age. As a member of the Money Crashers team, I am always on the lookout for ways to help individuals and small businesses invest in sound financial decisions. The ability to engage potential clients around the clock through social media, and the use of automation to achieve new levels of efficiency, are two particularly powerful tools that can help a small business take off. 

At Money Crashers, we have been fans of Prezi for some time, and we definitely think you can add it to the list of effective ways of equipping a company with the potential to capitalize on opportunity. Like most people that encounter Prezi for the first time, we were certainly wowed. The use of spatial visualization and smart technology really could revolutionize the way a company communicates- both internally and with the rest of the world. It's not only a really nice tool for creating stunning visual presentations, it’s also a real asset when it comes to running a nimble and efficient operation.

Here are the top four things that, based on our experience, we think Prezi can help a company achieve:

Leave a Lasting Impression
Everything about a successful presentation is focused on leaving the desired impression. This means that it is essential to take everything into consideration, from the organization of ideas to the quality of supporting visuals.

Creating a prezi is an effective way to make the splash you are hoping for by presenting information through a great visual display, while at the same time helping to project the image of a smart and avant-garde company. Prezi is designed to help individuals and groups generate ideas, find creative avenues to express them, and deliver dynamic presentations through spatial visualization. With Prezi, you don't just talk through a microphone and point to a white board; rather, you inspire audiences by telling a visual story that achieves a deeper emotional and intellectual connection.

Unlock Creativity
By stepping away from conventional, bland presentations and into the world of spatial visualization, you can embrace a method of communication that's more intuitive, natural, and engaging. A well-made prezi allows you to portray big-picture ideas while the ability to zoom gives you a direct visual link when you want to zero in on your supporting content. It helps your audience make a direct link from the general to the specific. This multidimensional format pulls an audience in and really helps your presentation to flow effortlessly.

Prezi’s potential impact isn't limited to the presentation arena. It also helps you to keep your audience tuned in by creating a stimulating visualization of your ideas that you can use for internal meetings, pitches over coffee to a coveted client (using your iPad), or a meeting across time zones instead of yet another dull conference call.

Communicate Vision
Small business people have to wear many different hats, so a tool that makes it easier to confidently create presentations helps to preserve valuable resources without sacrificing quality. Prezi is a faster, more efficient way to execute professional presentations, because it actually helps users organize their thoughts, formulate new ideas, and build on creative concepts, while simultaneously reducing the need for costs like outsourced content creation and the acquisition of art and visual aids.

With Prezi, you are not only breaking free from the worn-out world of one-dimensional visualizations and stagnant slide-based presentations, but you’re also gaining the opportunity to better understand and express your brand, culture, and capabilities.

Be More Flexible
Technology is continually transforming the workplace with tools like cloud computing that allow small businesses to employ individuals from anywhere in the world. While having a mobile workforce limits the need for office space, reduces commuting and travel costs, and creates a broader talent pool, it forces a business to search out solutions that enable individuals to work successfully in teams.

This is where Prezi comes in. Not only does it give you the immediate advantage of being able to access and work on presentations from any location, it also provides a setting in the cloud where remote players can gather to share ideas, brainstorm, collaborate, and even co-present.

Small businesses are continually on the lookout for tools that allow them to compete and grow. For us, Prezi was exactly what we were looking for. It’s now become an invaluable resource that we are using to help us get ahead.

Have you utilized Prezi? What was your experience?

Brian Spero has held posts editing online content for Nielson IAG and Major League Baseball Advance Media. He currently writes for the Money Crashers Personal Finance blog, and has contributed posts to a number of popular blogs on their behalf. Brian began his professional career in New York City, writing and editing for a number of popular culture, entertainment, and sports and lifestyle publications. After spending a few years on the West Coast editing an LA community magazine and B2B for the meeting and events industry, he moved back to Brooklyn where he turned his attention to the online world.