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Embedding your prezis - quick guide

You can embed prezis to tons of different places with the help of just a simple piece of HTML code. This embed code is very easy to get your hands on, and once you have it, it opens a world of possibilities.

The next thing to know is that different service providers support the embedding of HTML code in different ways. The good news is that we’ve put together a neat little list of some of the ways that you can embed your awesome prezis into some pretty popular sites. These were all tested by us. If  the service you are looking for is not included, it does not mean that a prezi cannot be embedded with that service, it just means that we have not got round to testing it out ourselves.

One important note, whenever embedding a prezi, make sure the prezi is set to public, otherwise it will not display in the way you want.

Social Media Sites:


We embed prezis into our Facebook pages (it's not yet possible to put one into a timeline) using an app called: Static HTML: iframe tabs. You can search for it through the Facebook search bar. It looks like this:


It’s fairly straightforward and slef explanatory, but if you need help, why not check out this article.


To embed a prezi into your LinkedIn profile, look for the rectangle/plus icon, click it and add the URL to your prezi. It looks like this.

Blogging Services:


Embedding a prezi works just like any other normal HTML code. When in editor mode, select the cog shaped icon ('Insert Code Block') and then paste the HTML code for your prezi into the window that appears. Select 'Save and Close' and your prezi should then be embedded into your blogpost.



If you download Wordpress, it requires a plugin (that can be found here). If you are using the online version of the service, it is not yet possible to embed prezis because Wordpress does not yet support iFrames. Alternatively, you can use WordPrezi's service to convert the embed code into one that is compatible with WordPress.


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An easier way to embed Prezi in self-hosted WordPress blogs ( is to use the WordPrezi plugin:

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I embed Prezis into courses in our university's learning management system. Now with Firefox's automatic blocking of mixed http/https content, all Prezis appear blank! Is there a way to embed them via https?

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