Your Prezi Editor, more intuitive than ever.


We’re excited to tell you about some relatively small changes that we think will have a really big impact on how easily you use the Prezi Editor. You’ll notice these changes in your online and desktop editor over the next few weeks. All the tools you know and love are still there, but we’ve moved them around a bit to better fit with how you work. Keep reading to see what’s new.

A softer look, a smarter design. 

The first thing you might notice is that the menu icons now have a softer, subtler look. The new icons minimize distraction so you can stay focused on the marvelous prezi you are creating.

After traveling around the world to speak with many of our users in person, we rearranged the top menu to mirror how you naturally work. Moving from left to right, you can now insert new frames, fill them with engaging content, and then customize the overall look of the canvas before finally presenting and sharing your prezi. Go ahead and take the menu bar for a spin; you might be surprised by how quickly you get used to the new intuitive layout.

Frames at your fingertips.

Want to add a new frame to your prezi? Just drop one onto the canvas, and it will automatically be added to your path. Congratulations! You just became the fastest frame-slinger in the West.


Experiment to find just the right look.

Not a designer? Not a problem. It’s now easier than ever to unleash your creativity and change your prezi’s theme and background using the Customize sidebar. The new sidebar stays open while you experiment, so you can try out any number of preset color combinations to get the look and feel of your prezi just right. Or you can head straight into the Advanced settings and customize your presentation to fit your company’s branding.

We hope that these little improvements will help you create amazing presentations even more easily. To learn more about where all of your favorite tools are, head here—or dive right in and start making your next prezi now.