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How to Hook Your Audience in 10 Seconds Or Less

Steve Jobs understood the importance of powerful imagery. When he announced the launch of the MacBook Air on stage in 2008, Jobs wanted to highlight just how thin Apple’s newest laptop computer was. Instead, however, of simply telling his audience the impressive dimensions of the computer, he showed them, using an image of a manilla envelope.

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In Case You Missed It: Standing Up to Pressure, Communicating Effectively, and a Top-Secret Style Guide

Each week at Prezi, we scour the web for the most interesting articles, podcasts, infographics, and videos we can find, all in the name of helping to provide inspiration and insight for presenters of all kinds. Consider this your weekly cheat sheet for big ideas.

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Redefining design.

The Redefine Conference is happening in Budapest on October 2-3, 2014. Learn more about it from David Gauquelin, our Lead Designer.

Design has always been a continuously evolving discipline. From its birth during the industrial revolution to today, the term “design” has become a blanket term for a variety of diverse practices.

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How to give presentations that will make the jury sit up and take notice.

Jeff Bennion is an attorney and college professor from San Diego. He specializes in using graphics and innovative presentation techniques in trial. He also writes a weekly column on legal technology for We sat down with him to learn some of his tips for giving presentations that can bring even the most boring court case to life.

Your audience won’t understand what you’re trying to say if you don’t make them a priority.

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Mastering the Prezi zoom.

As cool as it is, there is such a thing as too much Prezi zoom. If you’ve ever sat through a presentation that felt more like a rollercoaster ride than a speech, you know what we mean. As exciting as that 180º flip may feel from the stage, you don’t want to send your audience running for motion sickness bags—they want to be taken on a visual journey, not a wild ride.

The good news is that there are a few simple rules that will help you find the balance between making your presentations dynamic and making them easy on your audience’s eyes. Take a look at the quick tutorial below to learn how to master the art of Prezi transitions, so you can start zooming effectively:

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