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Struggling to engage your audience? You don’t have to!


Have you noticed that audiences have become more and more demanding over the past couple of years? Wifi, mobile devices, and social media have made it easier than ever for people to tune out your talk. With their dwindling attention spans, audiences want to be wowed with an engaging story, killer visuals, memorable statistics, and a well-prepared presenter… But what if you don’t have the time, energy, or know-how to put all of this together?

At Prezi, we want to help anyone give a presentation that will make people sit up and pay attention. That’s why we’ve created the Presentation Tool Kit, now available in the all-new Prezi Webshop.

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Designing a TED Presentation

Steve Wishman is Senior Presentation Designer at Prezi. When he's not busy developing templates that help people turn their ideas into compelling prezis, Steve works with speakers from around the world to create visually captivating presentations. In this guest post, originally published on Steve's blog, he walks us through the design process that goes into creating a TED presentation—in this case, Ajit Narayanan's presentation from TEDActive 2013.

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5 tips from a venture capitalist on how to pitch your business

Kurt House is Founder and CEO of C12 Energy, and he has raised capital from Reservoir Capital Group, Sequoia Capital, General Catalyst Partners, and Madrone Capital Partners. As both a founder and an investor, Kurt has seen many, many business pitches. Here, he shares with us his top dos and don’ts for entrepreneurs to take into account when trying to secure an investment.

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Presentation Tips: Slides vs. Prezi

Have you ever wondered what your old slides might look like as a prezi? How might your message come across differently? How would a change in format affect the impact you make on an audience? We came across this side-by-side example—the same information presented in slides and in a prezi.

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Behind the scenes with Prezi's designers

Prezi is built on the sharing of ideas—something we take very seriously on the Design Team. The concept of a design team locked away in a top-secret bunker is obsolete. Since taking up the opportunity to lead Prezi’s Design Team, one of my goals has been to increase transparency and open up the doors of the design room. Every employee is welcome to join design meetings, whether they want to bring ideas or just sit and listen. We want developers and product managers to feel more connected with designers. We want people to stop looking at us designers as obscure, aloof figures and instead understand how we get to a proposed solution to a given problem.

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