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Living Lonely in Budapest?

Post by: Chris Connick
Role: Curriculum Designer
Joined Prezi: Jan 9th 2012

I have lived most of my life in Glasgow, Scotland. It’s a city which over the last decade has seen a well documented darker side outshined by it’s growing reputation for fostering creativity and the arts. Check out these subculture pioneers from themusicfashionarts and craft scenes to see what’s been changing attitudes in Glasgow recently.

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Prezi in a Roma Ghetto

Every January for the last three years, Prezi’s worldwide employees have convened in Budapest for a yearly strategic planning session we call "Power Week." After three days of intense brainstorming, we switched gears from innovation to renovation.

This year’s renovation project was in a Roma ghetto located in Monor, Hungary where about fifty families live in ramshackle houses that often have no running water or electricity. It is a community that (like most of Hungary's Roma population) has little in the way of opportunity. Few of their children finish high school and almost none attend university. 

Daniel Kalman's short video

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Carbon Offsetting at Prezi

Prezi as a company continues to grow and we remain aware how important our commitment towards environmental protection must be. We’ve reached the end of our second consecutive year in which we did our best to compensate for Prezi’s increasing carbon footprint, so we’d like to share some of the things we have learned throughout the year:

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Introducing Prezi U - a community hub for everything Prezi in education

Based on many discussions with our edu users we've been working to create a community site where teachers and students can talk, share and learn how to use Prezi in education, from the smallest grade school classroom to the biggest Harvard and Stanford auditoriums. We are now pleased to introduce Prezi U, a dedicated community site for all things Prezi in education.

Visit Prezi U for access to diverse content on using Prezi in education for all levels-- from Kindergarten to University and beyond.
Prezi U is a hub for your prezis, ideas and experiences. A channel to submit your own content and receive feedback, engagement and new skills from other Prezi U members.

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Prezi Designer Contest Winners

Last month, we ran a contest for a full-time job at Prezi designing prezis for speakers at top conferences around the world. We received over 100 great entries, and chose the following three entrants to interview at Prezi:

AUE by Travis Hitchcock

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