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Milestone race: win Prezi giveaways on Facebook!

Prezi's community on Facebook is growing quickly! At this moment, there are 25,699 people who have liked our official fan page. To keep the buzz growing and let more Prezi users join the great discussions, we are starting a mini contest. We'll randomly select a winner from our entire fan base (Facebook users who like the official Prezi page) when the number of likes reach a specific milestone. Each winner will get a Prezi prize. Here are the milestones and the prizes:

Milestone 1: 26,000 likes - Prezi T-shirt - winner: Thiago Ximenes
Milestone 2: 27,000 likes - Prezi T-shirt + Pro account free for 6 months + personal support  - winner: Nancy Lin
Milestone 3: 30,000 likes - Prezi T-shirt + free Pro account for 1 year + personal support + introduction on the Prezi blog. winner: Jeong Min Lim

1. To be eligible to win a Prezi giveaway, you have to "like" our Facebook page. We will select winners randomly from people who already liked the official Prezi facebook page after the number of fans reach a milestone.
2. Fans who "liked" the Prezi page before the launch of this contest are also eligible to win.
3. Everyone eligible to win can only be selected as winner once during this contest.
4. In each phase of this contest, after a winner is randomly selected we will announce the winner's name here on the blog and on our official Facebook page. To claim your prize, contact


Better Prezi through user experience research

Earlier this month we had the chance to visit the eBay user experience research labs in San Jose, CA by the kind invitation of Elissa Darnell, Director of Site Wide Design at eBay. Elissa guided us through the labs, where they record how eBay Marketplace customers use the site, than process the information and work with development on improving user experience. Elissa and her team use video and voice recording and also eye tracking, a method that uses colorful data visualization to reveal how user's eyes explore a website.

Prezi User Experience Researcher Laszlo Laufer sharing thoughts with Elissa Darrel on optimizing websites and web based products for the best user experience.

To be able to navigate easily on the website and use editor features most effectively, the Prezi team also does eye tracking to test what users notice first, which parts they skip and what they look at for the longest time on the website. We also perform lots of "think aloud usability tests" to evaluate every feature we develop. This means that we invite people to our Budapest and San Francisco offices, drink a nice coffee and play around with new, unreleased features and website updates. Our findings help us to keep the smile on our user's faces when they work with Prezi.

Eye tracking test on Prezi's front page

It's fun to work with Prezi. When I work with Prezi I always listen to music. I never listen to music when I work with Powerpoint - you can tell: these reports are music to our ears, but we are just as interested to learn about problems and weaknesses of the tool. And just like Elissa and her team at eBay, we channel our findings to the product management, development and design team. A video recording made by Prezi's User Researcher, Emelie Hammar shows a focus group session in our SF office. (The video is published with the consent of the participants. Thank you Lisa ( and Nikolas for participating! ).

Do you agree with what our users say about Prezi in the video above? We'd love to see your thoughts in the comment area!

Prezi turns three!

Even though it became a tradition to celebrate Prezi's birthdays at Moloko bar Budapest, this year we found ourselves thinking about moving the party to a bigger venue next time. If you wanted to say cheers to the team, you might have had to do it from the sidewalk because the bar was full.

It's not only the number of celebrating friends and employees that grew fast during last year. As Prezi CEO Peter announced at the party, we have recently passed 3 million registered users! One of them, a Japanese Prezi fan, Shigeto Miyamoto even scheduled his holiday to the Budapest birthday party. It turned out that he was a board member of CyberTrust Japan, a security certification giant, which Verizon bought a few years ago and he was very excited to evangelize Prezi in Japan.

Unfortunately most of you couldn't attend to the party in person. We just want to let you know that we feel your love and support (and see it on our community channels).

While people celebrated us at Moloko last Wednesday, we raised our glasses and said Cheers, Skal, Prosit, L'Chaim, Kampai, Egészségedre! to all our users around the globe!

Happy Zooming!
The Prezi team


Facebook's new campus is presented in Prezi

Gensler Architecture's San Francisco office works for companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Google and Nokia. When hired to create or rethink work spaces, Gensler's process is to learn about the company's culture first, then - in line with that - they introduce personalized design plans. One of their current projects is the complete redesign of Facebook's new office campus in Menlo Park, CA. Gensler uses Prezi to introduce their plans and thoughts to decision-makers at Facebook. Design Strategist Randy Howder told us how they use Prezi, and why Facebook managers love the tool.

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Better lines and arrows, image cropping


You can use arrows and lines to make your prezi story easier to follow. Based on your feedback, we have updated this feature.

How to draw straight lines, resize and bend lines and arrows:
1. Draw a line or arrow and double-click it.
2. Drag the control points on one of the edges to resize length / move edges on the canvas
3. Drag the control point at the center of a line or arrow to bend it
4. Set the thickness of lines or arrows using the Zebra’s middle ring

Also, you can save a lot of time by cropping your images right in prezi without using any third party editors to set up your photos before loading them to your prezi.

How to crop images:
1. Double-click on an image to see the four control points.
2. Drag control points to select the part of the image you want to keep.
3. Hit Enter or ESC to crop the image; or, click anywhere outside of the image to crop.

1. Cropped parts are not permanently cropped, they are just hidden. Double-clicking the image again will let you show the entire image, enabling you to crop again.
2. To crop an image, it must be at least 10x10 pixels in size.
3. You can crop JPG, PNG, PDF, and SWF images.
4. You cannot crop SWF animations or movies.