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Before & After: How to Give Your Charts A Makeover

In this guest post, communication specialist Martha Denton shares her method for making data and information work for you visually. 

We've all sat through presentations with visuals that don't match their presenters’ messages. When visuals and message are out of sync, we tend to see the presenter as confused, unprofessional, disconnected from the audience, or simply lazy. So how can you avoid being that presenter?

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Ditching Traditional Slides: Why One Presentation Expert Chose Prezi

Learn why one presentation expert decided to ditch slides and start using Prezi for all his presentations.

In this guest post, Terry Gault, Managing Partner and Vice President of The Henderson Group, provides insight into why he made the switch from slides to Prezi.

Five years ago, I attended a presentation night in downtown San Francisco. That evening, the women behind the then-viral blog MuniManners gave a presentation that brought the house down. One of those two women was Angelie Agarwal, who was soon to become Chief Evangelist for Prezi.

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How to Hook Your Audience in 10 Seconds Or Less

Steve Jobs understood the importance of powerful imagery. When he announced the launch of the MacBook Air on stage in 2008, Jobs wanted to highlight just how thin Apple’s newest laptop computer was. Instead, however, of simply telling his audience the impressive dimensions of the computer, he showed them, using an image of a manilla envelope.

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In Case You Missed It: Standing Up to Pressure, Communicating Effectively, and a Top-Secret Style Guide

Each week at Prezi, we scour the web for the most interesting articles, podcasts, infographics, and videos we can find, all in the name of helping to provide inspiration and insight for presenters of all kinds. Consider this your weekly cheat sheet for big ideas.

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Redefining design.

The Redefine Conference is happening in Budapest on October 2-3, 2014. Learn more about it from David Gauquelin, our Lead Designer.

Design has always been a continuously evolving discipline. From its birth during the industrial revolution to today, the term “design” has become a blanket term for a variety of diverse practices.

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