3 easy ways to prepare for video presentations

It doesn’t matter if you’re presenting live or sending a recorded video — you need to properly prepare for your video presentations in order to deliver your message effectively. The more you prepare ahead of time, the more polished and professional your video presentation will be. Read on for three simple tips to help you make your videos more engaging. 

1. Create a mind map

This is perhaps the most important step, and should happen long before you even think about hitting “record.” Creating a mind map will help you organize your thoughts and structure them in a way that makes sense for both you and your audience. It’ll also keep you centered on your main idea, so you never lose sight of the primary purpose of your presentation. 

Learn how to get started with mind mapping in this video: 

2. Set up your space

Before you appear on camera, you’ll want to make sure your space is set up for success. Position yourself so you’re in good light, and adjust your camera so it’s not cutting off the top of your head or too far away. Make sure your audience can actually hear what you’re saying by testing out your mic first. And, remove any distracting or overly busy backgrounds to keep viewers focused on you and your content. 

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If you want even more tips, watch this video from Jessica Chen, an Emmy Award-winning reporter and founder of Soulcast Media: 

3. Use presenter notes

No matter how much you practice, it’s still helpful to have some notes (or even your script) next to you for reference. While sticky notes around your computer are a serviceable solution, they often just result in you trying to keep track of which piece of paper you’re supposed to be looking at. Now, you can use presenter notes directly in Prezi Video, making your life easier as you present or record: 

You can add notes as you create your content, or if you already have an existing Prezi or PowerPoint presentation with notes, you can import those into Prezi Video as well. You’ll also get a preview of the next frame, so you never be lost as you present. Learn more about using presenter notes in Prezi Video

Follow these tips to prepare for your video presentations quickly and effectively. Once you have everything set up, get more tips from Jessica on how to present on video, and then jump right into creating your own Prezi video

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