Prezi Next vs. Classic: Your Questions Answered

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This week, we held a webinar all about Prezi Next in order to answer some of your most pressing questions. Check out the recorded session below, view the Prezi presentation, or simply browse the top ten questions from the session.

Where can I learn about Prezi Next options and pricing?

You can view all of our different packages and pricing options on our pricing page:

With the introduction of Next, what will happen to Classic?

While there are no plans to further develop Prezi Classic, we will continue to support its users through our knowledge base:

I’d like to print my presentation. Does Prezi Next have an export feature?

Yes. If you have a Plus or higher Prezi Next plan, you can export your presentation to a PDF file in order to print, email, or keep it for your reference. When you export a presentation to PDF, each view in your presentation’s path becomes a page.

If you don’t have a paid Prezi package, it’s a breeze to upgrade your license.

What happens if I’ve already paid the annual fee for Classic but want Next?

If you’re an individual user and have a paid subscription to Prezi Classic, Next is automatically free. More details here.

Is it possible to paste screenshots or other images into Next?

You can copy and paste images into Next if the file format is compatible. Currently, Next supports JPGs, PNGs, PDFs, and non-animated GIFs.

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Is it possible to convert a PowerPoint into a Prezi Next presentation?

The PowerPoint to Prezi conversion feature is available for Prezi Next users with a Teams package. Check out our different packages here.

Is Prezi Next compatible with Microsoft Edge?

We recommend using Microsoft Edge (or the latest version of Safari, Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer) for viewing Prezi presentations.

Editing works best on a Windows or Mac computer using Chrome, Firefox 64 bit, and Safari 10. If using your phone or tablet, our Prezi Viewer app is optimized to view, present, and share presentations on Android and iOS devices but currently does not support editing.

Is it possible to select custom fonts and colors and save them as a new template?

You cannot permanently change the colors in a template or create a template yourself. However, it is possible to change the colors of a template and save those settings in a blank Prezi presentation. You can then make a copy of that presentation each time you want to use it for something new.

Are users able to submit suggestions for new templates, and if so, how?

If you’re part of a Teams license, you can send your suggestions to your dedicated Customer Support Manager at any time. If you’re a single user, we’re always listening to our social channels. Just hit us up on Twitter or FaceBook with your great ideas.

Where can I sign up for additional training sessions?

For additional training sessions and other great educational content, visit our training page

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