What are AI writing tools and how can they help with making presentations? 

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We all like the idea of a tool that can make our lives easier. This is why AI writing tools are considered a revolution across many areas of writing, including presentation content. For businesses, having the ability to use an AI writing tool to refine content, articles, and contracts is an advantage that can boost productivity. 

For students, AI writing tools can be used to fine-tune a finished assignment to the best standard. And, for those who rely on presentations, having a platform with AI text editing tools, like Prezi, can make the whole process much easier. Let’s dive into what AI writing tools are and how they can change the way you work. 

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AI writing tools explained

An AI writing tool is a type of software that incorporates artificial intelligence to assist with writing activities. It is built using advanced algorithms and trained on large sets of data to grasp and generate language similar to human writing. You simply input a question or a prompt, and the AI produces text based on patterns it has previously learned.

For example, if you’re having trouble beginning an article, you can input your theme into the AI tool, and it will promptly generate an opening paragraph. Or, if you’re working on a technical document and want to make sure your wording is correct, the AI can analyze your text and propose edits. This technology speeds up the writing process and enhances efficiency, helping to craft everything from detailed reports to imaginative stories and professional articles.

Who might find AI writing tools useful?

AI writing tools are changing the way we approach writing and editing, offering key benefits in various fields. These tools boost productivity, spark creativity, and ensure precision, appealing to a diverse range of users:

  • Students and educators: These tools help with composing essays, reports, and academic papers. They streamline research, ensure accurate citations, and improve grammar and style.

  • Content creators and bloggers: AI content writing tools are Ideal for generating fresh ideas, drafting articles quickly, and optimizing content for better online engagement.

  • Business professionals: Useful for creating clear, professional business communications, including emails and detailed reports.

  • Marketers: Helpful in crafting compelling advertisements and social media content that resonates with specific audiences.

  • Authors and writers: Assists with developing plots, character building, and meticulous editing, freeing up more time for creative writing.

  • Legal professionals: Ensures precision and adherence to legal standards when drafting and reviewing documents.

  • Presentation creators: Platforms like Prezi include built-in AI writing tools that simplify creating persuasive and well-structured presentations tailored to audience needs.

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For anyone looking to enhance their writing while saving time, AI writing tools are an invaluable resource.

The benefits of using AI writing tools

Whatever you need to write, using an AI writing tool can really boost your content and make the process much easier. Let’s look at some of the key benefits: 

Increase your productivity

AI writing tools help you get more done faster by taking care of drafting, editing, and formatting. This leaves you more time to focus on creative thinking and other important tasks. For teams, using an AI writing tool can alleviate a lot of stress from writers. As a result, team members can focus on more high-level tasks at hand.

Reduce cognitive load

AI writing tools can take over routine and repetitive tasks. This frees up your mental energy for more important aspects of writing like critical thinking and strategic planning. Also, writers can concentrate on building stronger arguments and more engaging narratives without the burden of keeping track of numerous grammar and style rules.

Meet strict deadlines

If you’re behind on an assignment or need to whip up a presentation for tomorrow’s meeting, AI writing tools can make this happen. All you need to do is input your prompt and AI writing tools can deliver your content immediately. 

Spark new ideas

If you’re not the most imaginative person, these tools can suggest fresh ideas and perspectives, helping you explore creative paths you haven’t considered yet. This can make your writing more engaging and enjoyable for your readers.

Improve accuracy

AI writing tools are great for catching mistakes in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. They also help maintain a consistent style and tone, which is especially useful for lengthy or team projects. Additionally, these tools can offer suggestions for improving sentence structure and word choice, which enhance readability and impact. By streamlining the editing process, they allow writers and teams to focus more on content development and less on the time-consuming task of proofreading.

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Simplify research

Not all AI writing tools focus solely on creating content. Some AI tools can gather facts and data relevant to your writing, so you don’t have to worry about research. This saves you time and strengthens your work with reliable and current information. 

Make writing more accessible

AI writing tools are also useful for people with disabilities or those who aren’t native language speakers. Features like text-to-speech and language translation make writing and editing more straightforward for everyone.

Multilingual support

Many AI writing tools support multiple languages, which is invaluable in a globally connected world. They help translate content quickly and accurately, enabling effective communication across different linguistic and cultural barriers. This not only expands your audience but also ensures that your message remains clear and accurate in any language.

Improve communication

AI writing tools can enhance how quickly and effectively you produce emails, reports, and other communications. They’re particularly valuable in business contexts where clear, prompt communication is essential to keep operations smooth and responsive.

Customize content for your audience

With AI tools, you have the flexibility to shape the tone and style of your writing to suit different audiences. Whether it’s crafting a detailed report for executives, injecting some fun into a blog post, or breaking down complex information for experts, these tools help ensure your content hits the right note every time.

Better creative collaboration

AI writing tools can enhance collaboration among creative teams by providing a platform where multiple users can contribute and refine content simultaneously. This benefit is particularly useful in environments where brainstorming and collective input are vital for the creative process.

The tools can suggest edits, align writing styles, and ensure coherence across multiple sections of a document, helping teams merge their ideas seamlessly. This collaborative aspect not only speeds up the creation process but also enriches the quality of the final output by incorporating diverse perspectives efficiently.

Adapt and improve over time

AI writing tools get smarter with use. They refine their understanding of your preferences and style through continuous interaction and feedback. This ongoing improvement means that the more you use the tools, the more closely aligned the output will be with your unique voice and needs.

Each of these benefits shows just how AI writing tools can not only heighten the quality of your work but also transform the writing process into a more efficient and enjoyable experience.

10 popular AI writing tools to explore

You may or may not have come across some type of AI writing tool already due to their growth in popularity. But, they come in various forms and each one can be used for different reasons. Let’s look at some of the best AI writing tools and how their users are benefiting from them. 


Grammarly appeals to everyone – from students and academics to professionals and bloggers who aim to refine their writing. It offers automatic suggestions for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style, helping users craft clear and effective messages. This tool can simplify the proofreading process, save time, and boost writer confidence by focusing on content clarity.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT

ChatGPT is favored by content creators, marketers, and developers for its capability to produce detailed responses and texts quickly. It streamlines the creation of articles, blog posts, and even coding solutions, reducing the time spent on research and drafting. This efficiency makes ChatGPT a great tool for keeping pace with the high demands of various content-driven fields.


Scrivener specializes in supporting writers who manage complex documents, including novels, research papers, and scripts. Its comprehensive suite of tools helps organize thoughts and narrative elements effectively, making it easier to handle large projects. Features that let users rearrange text easily and keep track of multiple storylines or research points transform the overwhelming task of managing extensive writing into a more manageable one.


ProWritingAid excels in providing comprehensive feedback on style, word choice, and sentence structure, making it an excellent tool for authors and editors focused on enhancing the readability and flow of their work. More than just a spell-checker, it acts like a virtual coach that offers detailed reports, identifying and helping to improve stylistic weaknesses, thus elevating the quality of the writing.

AI21 Labs’ Jurassic-1

Jurassic-1 by AI21 Labs offers advanced AI text generation capabilities, making it a go-to for developers and researchers who require robust language understanding and content creation tools. It enables the development of new applications and the enhancement of existing ones with AI-driven functionalities, saving time and adding complexity that would be difficult to achieve manually.


Writesonic is perfect for marketers and advertisers looking to quickly generate content that drives engagement and sales. It helps create ads, product descriptions, and emails efficiently. This tool is especially useful for business owners and digital marketers who need compelling content to attract and retain customers. Writesonic offers templates and automated text creation, making the marketing content process straightforward and effective.


Jasper supports content creators in developing SEO-friendly content to enhance online visibility. It’s an excellent resource for content marketers, bloggers, and SEO specialists focused on maintaining a consistent flow of quality content. Jasper provides help with topic selection and outlines for posts, integrating seamlessly with Surfer SEO for further content optimization. This helps ensure the content not only reads well but also performs well in search engine rankings.

Zoho Writer

Zoho Writer is a sophisticated online word processor equipped with AI capabilities that streamline the creation of business documents, from in-depth analytical reports to concise official correspondence. This tool enhances your writing by offering grammar checks and style refinements, ensuring documents are precise and engaging. Zoho Writer is great for professionals and organizations that require consistently polished and effective communication, making it easier to maintain a high standard of professionalism in every piece of writing.

Sapling AI

Sapling AI is an AI-driven tool designed to assist customer support and sales teams. It integrates with various CRM and customer service platforms, automating and aiding in crafting responses to customer inquiries. Sapling AI is adept at understanding customer interaction contexts, offering relevant suggestions that help speed up response times. This tool is great for improving workflow efficiency and ensuring communications are not only quick but also accurately tailored to enhance customer satisfaction.


Grab their attention by making your presentation more interactive

Rytr is an ideal tool for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and freelancers because of its ability to create content such as blogs, marketing materials, emails, and social media posts. This AI writing tool is particularly useful for producing good quality content quickly. Rytr employs models tailored to different industries, ensuring the material is interesting and appropriate for specific audiences, which is really beneficial for busy professionals. 

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Free AI writing tools

For individuals and small organizations managing tight budgets, free AI writing tools are essential. These tools offer strong features that stand up well against paid versions, providing everyone access to quality writing help.

Grammarly free version

The free version of Grammarly checks for critical grammar and spelling errors, essential for anyone needing to polish their text. It also makes basic suggestions to enhance sentence clarity, making it a staple for everyday writing tasks.

Slick Write

Slick Write offers a detailed analysis of your writing, checking for grammatical mistakes and offering insights into your stylistic choices. It also evaluates sentence structure and vocabulary diversity, assisting writers in refining their style without any cost.

After the Deadline

After the Deadline is another free AI writing tool that’s excellent for anyone needing to check spelling, style, and grammar in their text. Great for bloggers, students, and professionals, it not only corrects errors but also explains them, helping you learn and improve your writing skills. Additionally, it offers style suggestions to polish and enhance your writing. This makes After the Deadline a good tool for those looking to boost the quality of their work without stretching their budget.

These writing tools are a reminder that although more advanced features may require a subscription, you can still access sophisticated text assistants even on a tight budget. 

AI writing perks for presentation makers

It’s not just traditional writing tasks that AI can assist with. Presentation creators can benefit too. Prezi has integrated an AI text editing tool that makes adding text to your slides, finding the best layout, and refining your words easier than ever before. 

Prezi AI

How Prezi AI benefits you 

At Prezi, we believe that crafting the perfect presentation isn’t just about the end result; it’s about a stress-free and simple creation process too. This is why we’re always coming up with new ideas to improve the experience of our users. With this in mind, we introduced Prezi AI along with an AI text-editing tool that makes producing your presentation content much easier. Let’s look at the benefits you can take from using the Prezi AI writing tool for presentations. 

Effortless content creation

Prezi’s new enhancement, the “Ask AI” button, transforms how presentations are crafted, making it an essential tool for anyone juggling tight schedules. This AI-powered feature speeds up the creation process by providing instant suggestions for text, allowing users to swiftly compile and refine their slides. There’s no longer a need to labor over each sentence—just click “Ask AI,” and you’ll get helpful recommendations to enhance your presentation’s content efficiently. This not only saves valuable time but also streamlines your workflow, making it easier than ever to meet deadlines without compromising quality.

Easy adaptations

Picture the convenience of seamlessly adjusting the style, tone, and length of your writing to match different requirements, whether for a class project, a professional presentation, or routine communications. This capability allows for quick customization of your content to suit many different contexts. As a result, you boost your efficiency, freeing up more time to practice your presentation skills or perfect your visual design. 

Reduced stress

The Prezi AI text editing tool is great for reducing stress when preparing presentations. Automating the refinement of text and offering instant suggestions, eliminates the common pressure of crafting perfect slides. This means less time worrying about wording and more time ensuring your message resonates with the audience. 

Whether you’re tweaking a last-minute pitch or preparing a major presentation, the Prezi AI tool helps maintain your focus on the big picture, easing the burden of presentation prep and minimizing anxiety. This allows presenters to approach their sessions with confidence and calm, knowing their content is both polished and effective. 

Keep your message clear and concise

Prezi’s AI tool fine-tunes your presentation’s text and improves readability. This feature makes the editing process smoother, allowing you to communicate your ideas more effectively. By automatically adjusting your content to be more direct and easier to understand, the tool helps you deliver your points powerfully and precisely. Whether you’re aiming to inform, persuade, or entertain, Prezi AI ensures that your message remains impactful and free of distractions. 

Improve visual content matching

Prezi’s AI text editing tool helps match your words with the right visuals to strengthen your presentation. This feature simplifies the process of selecting visuals that complement your message, saving you time and enhancing audience engagement. With this support, your presentations not only convey your message through words but also through compelling visuals, ensuring a cohesive and engaging experience for your audience.

Tailored writing styles

When creating a presentation using Prezi AI, you can tailor your writing style to fit the specific context of your topic. By simply informing the AI about your audience or the purpose of your presentation, it can adjust the style and complexity of the text. So no matter the audience you’re addressing, the language will resonate appropriately with your listeners. The AI’s ability to seamlessly adapt helps maintain the relevance and effectiveness of your message. This makes your presentations more impactful for your specific audience.

Simple revision and edits

Most of us need to practice our presentations several times to make sure they’re just right, and it’s not uncommon to spot areas for improvement or additional points we want to include during these run-throughs. With the Prezi AI text editing tool, making these adjustments is straightforward and efficient. The AI offers intelligent suggestions for improvements and allows for quick modifications, ensuring that your presentation remains dynamic and can be fine-tuned effortlessly. This feature is especially valuable when you’re polishing your final draft, as it helps you quickly incorporate last-minute changes without disrupting the flow of your work.

Guaranteed polished delivery

The Prezi AI writing tool plays a crucial role in ensuring that your presentations are polished and professional. With Prezi AI at your disposal, you can stand confidently in front of any audience, knowing that every detail of your presentation is concise and clear. The AI features refine your wording, ensuring that your language effectively conveys your message in the best possible way. This precision allows you to focus on the delivery of your presentation, secure in the knowledge that the text on your slides complements your spoken words perfectly, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

A quick breakdown: Capabilities of Prezi AI text editing tool

  • Grammar and spelling corrections: Automatically detects and corrects grammatical and spelling errors, enhancing the professionalism of your presentation.

  • Content conciseness: Helps streamline content by removing redundancies and unnecessary words, making your points clearer and more direct.

  • Customization suggestions: Offers tailored advice based on the type of presentation (e.g., sales pitch, educational lecture, business report) to optimize impact.

  • Visual optimization: Provides recommendations on how to enrich the overall design of slides to ensure that they are not only informative but also visually compelling.

  • Layout suggestions: The AI can also suggest optimal text placement and formatting to improve the visual appeal and readability of your presentation. It might recommend adjustments in text alignment and size to make the information more engaging.

What might a future with AI writing tools look like?

The future of AI writing tools promises unprecedented advancements in how we manage and produce written content. Considering how much has changed in such a short time—from basic spell checks to sophisticated content generation—imagining the future possibilities becomes both exciting and almost limitless.

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A wider range of applications

AI writing tools are set to expand beyond their current uses. We might see them assisting in scriptwriting for virtual reality environments or providing dynamic content adjustments based on reader feedback in real-time for digital publications. These tools could become integral in creating immersive storytelling experiences that adapt to audience reactions.

Deeper integration with other technologies

Future AI writing tools could seamlessly integrate with IoT devices and smart home systems to provide more interactive and responsive environments. Imagine a scenario where your AI writing assistant helps you draft messages or create content simply by conversing with your home assistant device.

Predictive writing enhancements

As machine learning models become more refined, AI writing tools might predict what users intend to write in professional documents or creative pieces by analyzing their past writing patterns and current trends. This could drastically reduce the time spent on content creation, giving professionals and creatives more time to refine their ideas.

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Customization and personalization

AI tools will likely offer more personalized writing suggestions, adapting not just to the style or tone needed for different documents but also incorporating the user’s personal flair or organizational branding automatically. This customization would ensure that every piece of content is not only effective but also uniquely tailored.

Transformations in presentation-making

When it comes to presentations, AI’s role is set to grow significantly. Imagine AI writing tools that not only help design and text but also suggest the most effective ways to visually represent data based on the audience’s profile or previous feedback. Such tools could dynamically adjust presentations in real-time during a session based on audience engagement metrics, enhancing interaction and retention of information.

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Scenario planning and simulations

Future AI could also offer scenario planning tools that simulate audience reactions to different versions of the same presentation, helping presenters choose the most effective one before the actual event. This could transform presentation preparation from a sometimes-guesswork process into a data-informed strategy.

Emerging AI writing tools

The trend of AI writing tools is growing towards creating more context-aware, adaptable, and unobtrusively helpful AI. Developers are working on AI that can understand more nuanced human instructions and generate content that reflects complex emotional tones or specialized industry knowledge.

Although these are just predictions for the future, the direction of AI writing tools suggests they’ll become increasingly integral to our daily personal and professional activities. These technologies aim to better the process of creating and customizing content, making it quicker and more efficient. Given the swift progress, the potential developments in AI writing tools are as wide-ranging as they are intriguing.

Lighten your load by using the Prezi AI text editing tool for your next presentation

There are many perks of using Prezi. With those in mind, make sure to give the Prezi AI writing tool a try for your next presentation. The opportunity to improve productivity, save time, and enhance your writing so effortlessly is crucial for presentation makers. For those who struggle with ideas or lack creative flair, Prezi AI can help spark inspiration, making your presentation unique and stand out from the crowd. 

Also, Prezi can make you feel more confident by knowing your presentation is engaging, visually appealing, and interactive. So, you can spend less time worrying about presentation mishaps, and deliver your message with boldness. 

Finally, Prezi’s user-friendly platform makes it easy for everyone to have the opportunity to design and create show-stopping presentations. Ultimately, users of all skill levels can effectively harness the power of AI tools for writing to produce compelling content.

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