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Each story we tell has a shape and a style. Figuring out what that looks like and organizing your content to fit can be just as crucial to presentation success as the content itself. Talking to your different points is just as important as ever, but a visual configuration that reflects what you’re trying to communicate helps audiences understand you on a number of different levels. Whether it’s a daily meeting, a highly anticipated sales pitch, or a project overview, our presentation templates are here to guide you.

Check out the best Prezi presentation templates for 12 common situations in a modern office, and try them out in your next presentation.

The strategy meeting

At a strategy meeting, you want your audience to leave the room knowing that following your plan will result in growth. The best presentation template for a strategy meeting is our marketing strategy template, which moves upwards against a backdrop of mountain peaks — the perfect visual to give viewers a feeling of soaring above the rest.

Customize the marketing strategy template to make it your own

The training session

Training sessions don’t have to be boring. Our training templates use color, movement, and interactive designs that bring your trainees in and keep them engaged. One of the best presentation templates for training is our education training template. This template uses vibrant colors to stimulate the eyes, and each topic is clearly shown at the start so viewers are always aware of where they are in the process.

Customize the education training template to make it your own

The sales pitch

Most audiences have a certain set of expectations when it comes to a sales pitch. Typical assumptions include: a restrictive slide deck, a rehearsed speech, and lots of unnecessary content. The pitch deck template shown here (one of many in Prezi) replaces the norm with a wide-open backdrop and a set of nonlinearly placed topics. The pieces of your pitch can clearly be presented in any order, allowing your audience the freedom to pick and choose what they hear about.

Customize the pitch presentation template to make it your own

The remote meeting

Effective meetings are critical to working at home. Without the office, you don’t have the same opportunities to build relationships and get visibility, so you need to take advantage of the time you spend on screen with your colleagues. Our remote meeting template is the best presentation template for a virtual meeting. Use it with Prezi Video to bring your agenda, meeting notes, and visuals with you on camera, so you can show your content without needing to share your screen and lose facetime with your team. This is the best Prezi presentation template to keep teams connected and meetings productive in remote workplaces.

Customize the remote meeting template to make it your own

The all hands meeting

Your organization is a diverse group of people, full of different backgrounds, knowledge sets, and availability. When you’re addressing the whole organization in an all hands meeting, you need a design that can engage everyone on all levels. The all hands meeting template covers the basic elements of a typical company meeting: announcements, updates, Q&A, and a closing. For virtual meetings, you can show content next to yourself on screen, maximizing your time in front of the company and making it easier for you to interact with them.

Customize the all hands meeting template to make it your own

The project overview

Projects tend to involve a lot of moving parts and can get fairly complex. Our content wall presentation template visually centralizes the content, lending the impression of cohesiveness and organized development. Symbols are added to help represent different sections for quick processing, and specific areas for logos and contact information make it even more personal.

Customize the content wall presentation template to make it your own

Grab their attention by making your presentation more interactive

The project status update

An effective project status update keeps your stakeholders informed and your team focused on their goals. Find the best Prezi presentation template to help you give an effective update here. This template uses a professional design and outlines the main elements of your project. You just need to fill in the blanks with your information.

Customize the project status update template to make it your own

The big idea

Sometimes you just want something that perfectly represents the way your mind works. For those big ideas, we’ve got the best presentation template that puts equal emphasis on a cluster of the basics — how, what, why, when, etc. — so you can really show off your thoughts.

Customize the idea presentation template to make it your own

The quiz

Discover the flashcards of the 21st century. The flashcard template simulates flipping over a flashcard to reveal the answer. With Prezi Video, you can bring this template into any virtual meeting and show the flashcards next to you on screen. It’s a great way to review learnings with students remotely, and the Q&A format makes a great baseline for a game.

Customize the flashcard template to make it your own

The newscast

Newscasters have been doing it for years, and now you can, too. Use the newscast template to put all the essential information to your presentation next to you on screen. This is the best presentation template to record or present a quick update online.

Customize the newscast template to make it your own

The sales kickoff

It’s not often that you have the whole sales team together, so when you gather everyone for a sales kickoff, make sure you cover everything your team needs to hit the ground running – and do it in style. The sales kickoff presentation template uses a professional, minimalist rocket design to lay your sales plan out in a format that motivates and excites everyone for the year ahead.

Customize the sales kickoff presentation template to make it your own

When you want to connect with nature

One of the best Prezi presentation templates is also one of the simplest. The colorful nature presentation template uses a flower design to add a playful, easy tone to your presentation. A basic topic and subtopic structure makes this one of the easiest and best presentation templates to customize with your content.

Customize the colorful nature presentation template to make it your own

We’ve got more where these came from. Check out all of our best presentation templates by signing up Prezi today, or by contacting us to learn all about our virtual business solutions. Or, pick our brains on the ins and outs of presentation design by downloading our eBook on the topic below.

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