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Creating a video is easy to do when you have the right tools. Prezi Video has dozens of unique video templates to make recording a video for school or work easier than ever. Here are seven of the best video templates that you can use to make professional-looking videos even if you don’t have a background in video editing.

Portfolio video template

This portfolio template allows you to embed your work and display it right alongside yourself while you’re on camera. This is the best video template for revisiting past projects and explaining a bit about each piece. There’s also a section for you to write some background about yourself and to explain your approach, making it a great introduction to send to potential clients or employers.

Design concept exploration template

The design concept exploration template is the best way to walk through concepts in an online presentation. Upload visuals and a description for your design concepts, and be sure to explain the origin of your designs and what they solve. This sleek template was created for virtual meetings with stakeholders, and comes with a built-in section for the meeting kick-off, where you can establish your goals for the meeting.

Speech bubbles video template

If you want to have a little fun in your video, why not add a little color? This video template has large speech bubbles that you can use to highlight key information, like customer reviews. The colorful and simple format of the speech bubble template makes it useful for a lot of occasions, from making a company update to describing a project for your class. Its simplicity also makes it easy for anyone to make a video quickly.

Mosaic video template for school to home messages

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This video template arranges the content of your video into a mosaic, making it look organized and well thought out next to you on screen. This video template is perfect for school-to-home messages that both students and their parents can watch.

Remote meeting video template

Connecting this template to your video conference is a great way to make your virtual meeting more fun and engaging. This video template is made for those who are working remotely, and structures the content of your meeting so you can highlight only the most important information and action items.

Back to school video template for high school teachers

Engaging your high school students can be a challenge when they’re in class with you, but it can be even harder in an online setting. Introduce yourself and your course, and get your students ready for the new school year with this video template.

Webinar template

Add a professional polish and confidence to your content when you host a webinar. This webinar template places your content neatly alongside you on screen, helping you keep your audience’s attention while you’re speaking. Use this template when you want to create a unique webinar that will make a lasting impression on your audience.

Creating a professional, dynamic video is not as hard as it looks when you start with the right video template. Explore videos that were made with the best video templates on Prezi Video in our Video Gallery, and get started by making your first video from a template today.

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