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Good communication is key to a successful working environment, but even with all the communication tool options we have at our fingertips, we tend to rely on the same old combination of emails and meetings. These are both great everyday methods to communicate, but in an age where there are boundless distractions, they’re not always the most effective at keeping our interest. It can be hard to maintain attention throughout an hour-long meeting when you can answer emails, scroll through your news feed, and text your spouse about dinner plans. In our State of Attention Report, we found that 95% of business professionals multitask during meetings. 

Meanwhile, video is currently one of the most popular forms of media and is routinely used in marketing to drive engagement. When professionals use video to communicate internally, the effect can be just as powerful. Get inspired to improve your own meetings and emails with these examples of internal communications videos made with Prezi Video.

Make trainings more personable

Megan Florence created a series of training videos to teach her team skills at work, using the visual cues of Prezi Video to support each point. While many training sessions feature presentations that are dense with bulleted lists and text, Megan uses the personal connection of video to speak to her team directly.

Training sessions are great for video because they typically rely on one person to present a lot of content and are attended by a large group of people. Instead of blocking off the time to accommodate the schedules of everyone, the attendees can watch the training video on their own time. Megan saved time, and her team got the same information without squeezing a meeting into their packed schedules. Win-win.

Click here to watch Megan’s video about participation at work.

Grab their attention by making your presentation more interactive

Keep your company up to date

Prezi Video is also a great way to provide quick updates to employees. In Keenan & Associates’ “Marketing Minute” series, VP of Marketing Charlotte Doepker plans to give updates on marketing (and other departments), product and service developments, and breaking news at Keenan. For business leaders, finding the time to make a video can be difficult, but with Prezi Video, you can make a video containing both visuals and animations without any post-production expertise.

Video is one of the easiest ways to engage employees. After struggling to find a quick way to communicate with his team, Hootsuite CEO Ryan Holmes started delivering company updates through selfies he filmed on his phone. He found that over 1,000 employees had viewed his first video in the first few hours after posting it, and many people who normally wouldn’t speak up in all-hands meetings felt comfortable posting questions and starting discussions in the comments of his video. It takes him minutes to make his selfies and the payoff far outweighs the effort. Prezi Video makes it easy for leaders like Ryan and Charlotte to speak directly to their teams, with the added benefit of having visuals and text next to them on the screen.

Watch the Keenan Marketing Minute for inspiration for your own team updates.

Improve employee engagement by using videos for your internal communications. Get started with Prezi Video today, or discover more examples when you explore videos from the Prezi community.

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