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For all brands, whether established or new, pitching your identity and intentions as a brand should be an important part of presentations. But, it’s not always easy to showcase your brand in the way you envision. This is why knowing how to create the perfect branding deck is important. With Prezi, merging your ideas into a branding presentation has never been easier. Read on to learn more about what a branding deck is and get the knowledge you need to showcase your brand in the right way. 

What is a branding presentation? 

People use branding presentations for several reasons. They can be used to introduce a brand and explain their values and business strategy. They’re also used to brief marketing teams or partners or align internal teams with the brand’s direction. They can be useful for all brands, from newly established to global companies. 

A branding presentation will usually consist of: 

  • Brand overview;

  • Detailed information about the brand’s target market;

  • How the brand positions itself in the market;

  • Showcase of the brand’s visual elements (logo, color palette, imagery);

  • Explanation of the brand’s communication style (voice, tone);

  • Examples of how the brand identity is applied across various mediums;

  • Brand guidelines and standards.

Examples of branding presentations

We’ve put together some examples of branding presentations that were created using Prezi. 

Personal branding presentation 

The following example is a personal branding presentation, which uses the same principles as a normal branding presentation. Only, the brand you’re selling is yourself. This presentation is created by the help of Prezi AI, and you can reuse this presentation example and fill in the placeholders with your own information. You can showcase your strengths, values, and goals, and add a personal touch to make it authentically yours. Or, you can also use Prezi AI to create a presentation like this in minutes or even seconds.

Fashion branding presentation 

The following branding presentation could be used for a fashion brand. The presentation design, created using Prezi AI, matches the aesthetic appeal a fashion brand might want to use. This is a good example of storytelling as the presentation moves through each point telling the audience about the brand and what their intentions are. The fashion brand presentation also explores its identity and heritage, which is a great way to connect with the audience on a personal level. You can simply reuse this presentation, add your content and personal touch, and present it right away.

Grammarly brand presentation 

This presentation on Grammarly is a great example of staying consistent and true to your brand. When you look at the overall theme of the presentation, such as the colors and fonts used, you can see that the brand identity is solid all the way through. This is a great way of sharing what you envision your brand to look like with the audience. 

8 Tips to help you create the best branding presentation

Now we know what a branding presentation should consist of, let’s look at some tips to help you in the creation process. 

Start with a strong story 

In order to captivate your audience from the beginning, you need to come up with a story that captures your brand’s mission, vision, and values. A storytelling approach helps to engage your audience emotionally and intellectually, making your brand’s purpose and direction clear from the outset. 

Know your audience 

Think about who you’re presenting to, as this will help you highlight the more relevant aspects of your brand. Whether you’re presenting to clients, stakeholders, or internal teams, tailor your branding presentation to the specific interests and expectations of your audience. 

Branding presentation for an audience.

Highlight the unique value proposition 

In order for people to take your brand seriously, you should talk about what sets you apart from your competitors. Think about the unique benefits your brand offers compared to similar brands, and highlight these points. You should make your unique value proposition the main focus of your presentation to showcase why your brand matters. 

Use interesting visuals 

Another great way to grab your audience’s attention is to make your branding presentation look visually interesting. You should include your brand logo and color scheme throughout to reinforce who you are. When it comes to including imagery, it’s important to choose images that correlate with your message, and they should be relevant to the information on your presentation slides. When used in the right way, visuals can be really good at strengthening the points you’re making. 

A women presenting a presentation with a school presentation theme

Examples of your brand in action 

The best way to get people on board with your brand is to make them believe in it. The best way to do this is to show them your brand in action. This could be from brand packaging and advertising examples to displaying your digital presence. By showing how your branding is applied in real-world circumstances, you’re bringing your brand to life, rather than just talking about it. 

Be concise and focused

Your audience is going to soak in information better if you keep your presentation clear and to the point. Think about the key points you want to make, and stick to them. You could use each slide of your branding presentation to make one key point, this way you’re not overloading each slide with too much information, which can be confusing. When thinking about how you want your presentation to look, avoid cramming your slides with too much text and too many visual elements. Your message will come across much clearer if you keep it simple. 

Interactive elements 

This is an aspect that can really boost your presentation and make it less boring. For branding presentations, you might want to include interactive elements like a live demonstration or an interactive session where the audience can experience your products or platform firsthand. Another idea might be to encourage your audience to participate in discussions, like sharing their experiences or expectations of your product or service.

For virtual branding presentations, use Live Prezi to take interactivity to the next level. With Live Prezi, you can create an interactive presentation experience in real-time. Simply set up your link and share it with anyone, anywhere. Up to 100 participants can join your Live Prezi session and follow along as you guide them through your compelling content.

Business women trainer having a Zoom meeting.

End with a clear call to action 

It’s important that you make it clear to your audience what action you need them to take following your presentation. This might be seeking approval or feedback, or a specific, unique action you require from your branding presentation. Either way, you should be clear about the next steps you want the audience to take following your presentation. 

Pitfalls to avoid 

We’ve already discussed things that you should consider when creating your branding deck, now let’s look at some mistakes you should avoid. 

Too much information 

A common mistake when making branding presentations is putting too much information onto the slides. Overloading slides in this way is going to be distracting for your audience. Try using bullet points to make each point clear and use visuals that complement your spoken words. With Prezi’s AI text editing tool, you can easily modify your text to match your desired outcome in seconds. Make text longer, shorter, or create a concise and engaging list.


When you use a mixture of styles, fonts and colors throughout your branding presentation, it screams amateur. You should make sure the whole thing looks in alignment with your brand and stays consistent for the whole presentation. Staying constant with the visual aspect helps to paint a picture of what your brand looks like. To feel more confident in your design choices, use Prezi’s AI presentation maker – it’ll suggest matching color schemes, layouts, and more, to match your topic and style.

Prezi AI
Grab their attention by making your presentation more interactive

Underestimating your audience’s knowledge 

Assuming your audience knows too little or too much can cause confusion. Make your presentation just right for what they know about your brand and the field it’s in. Give them new things to learn without making it too simple.

Skipping your brand’s story

People tend to resonate with stories and purposes. Failing to talk about who you are as a brand and what you stand for can cause your audience to disconnect. You should make it a personal branding presentation that mentions your values and intentions. 

Failure to mention competitors

It’s important to let your audience know where your brand sits in the market. When you fail to discuss your competitors, your audience may deem this ignorant or naive. The purpose of mentioning your competitors is to show how your brand can outshine them and what values you have to offer that they don’t. Without this, your audience will be left with questions about your brand’s uniqueness and whether you’ll fit in the market. 

Forgetting to proofread 

If your presentation contains typos, spelling mistakes, or inaccuracies, you may come across as unprofessional and questions about your brand’s credibility may arise. Remember, branding presentations are all about giving off a good first impression, so make sure you’ve checked each slide properly before your big moment arrives. 

Don’t rely too heavily on text

When the screen is crammed with text, it can make your branding presentation look dull and make it harder for your audience to follow. By using visuals to explain your points instead of lots of text, the audience can process your message much faster. After all, you’re going to be the voice of the brand, so stick to a few bullet points and elaborate with speech. 

Not preparing for questions 

Your audience is bound to have questions about your brand and goals, and how you plan on reaching these goals. Since there’s no way of knowing what questions will be thrown at you, it’s a good idea to prepare beforehand. 

Rear view shot of a businessman raising hand to ask questions during a seminar. Professional asking query during a launch event in convention center.

Prezi’s role in your branding presentation 

Prezi is a presentation tool that’s different from any other. It lets you share ideas in a way that’s interesting, by moving around a single space, letting you zoom in and out of sections to show off your points. There’s no longer a need for boring, traditional slide-based presentations because Prezi allows us to share our thoughts in a more dynamic way that lets us bring our audience on a journey with us. 

Prezi is particularly useful for creating branding presentations because you can share your brand’s story and identity in a new and exciting way that sticks with your audience. Let’s look at some of Prezi’s features that would be great for creating your branding presentation. 

Brand kits 

We know how important it is that things stay consistent when it comes to branding presentations. This is why Prezi has created the Brand Kit feature, where you can include your brand’s color palette, logo, fonts, and style so that every time you need it, you have a pre-set branding presentation template. This way, you can save time whenever you need to create a presentation based on your brand, and you know it’s going to align with your brand’s identity every time. 

Integration features 

When it comes to presenting your branding deck virtually, Prezi has all the tools you need to succeed. You can connect and engage with hybrid teams in real-time using Prezi Video, making your meetings more exciting and engaging. You can show your branding content at the same time as showing your face, so you can still present just like you would in a conference room. 

Prezi Video

Open canvas 

Prezi’s open canvas feature allows you to move freely from one point to the next. It takes away the restrictions that come with slide by slide-based presentations. This is ideal for when you’re telling your brand’s story, as you can zoom in on certain key points and then back out to the bigger picture. It’s also easier to go back and forth between points which might be useful when faced with questions about your brand. 

Professionally designed templates 

For those who don’t want to start with a blank page, having a fully prepared template can be a huge help. With Prezi, you can choose from a great range of templates. No matter what industry you’re starting out in, you can find a template that can serve as the building ground for your branding presentation. Prezi templates are customizable, so you can integrate parts of your brand as you go along the creation process. 

Images and icons 

Prezi has countless icons and images you can choose from to help you create the perfect visuals. Branding presentations are all about telling a story, and with Prezi, your options are endless when it comes to selecting the perfect visuals to complement your narrative. Having a great range of images and icons to choose from all in the same place makes the creation process much simpler, saving you time for more important aspects of your brand. 

AI text editing tool 

When it comes to forming the right words, we can help. Our AI feature can edit your work or offer suggestions, such as correcting spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. Prezi’s AI text editing tool can also shorten or lengthen text, as well as restructure it, such as changing paragraphs to readable bullet points. This is a really important feature when it comes to making a branding presentation, as easily readable slides are a crucial part of it. 

Collaborate easily 

Working together to create the best branding presentation is easy with Prezi. You and your team can work remotely on the presentation and communicate ideas and feedback using the comment feature. You can comment on each frame, so you and your team can be sure that every part of the presentation is up to scratch, working together from anywhere in the world. 

A young woman in a modern office space uses a laptop at a desk. Space for copy.

Why every branding presentation needs AI 

At Prezi, we’re always striving to provide the best presentation creation experience – that’s why we’re elevating it with advanced AI features. There are so many benefits of using AI to assist in the creation process of your branding presentation. Let’s look at a few of these advantages: 

Save time with automatic design and content: AI quickly creates designs and content, cutting down the time you spend on making presentations. For those using Prezi, this means extra time to improve your story. 

Brings new ideas: AI can come up with new designs and content ideas that you might not have thought of yourself. 

Keep things consistent: Many AI tools can help you stick to the same theme throughout your branding presentation, such as, colors and fonts. 

Easy updates and changes: With AI, making changes and improvements to your presentations is a lot easier. Take the Prezi AI text editing tool for example, which makes suggestions to make your content even better. 

A new beginning for branding presentations 

Whether you’re launching a new brand or whether you’re an established brand taking on a new venture, branding presentations can be the make or break for you. This is why it’s so important to make a good, strong impression on your audience. By following the tips we’ve mentioned in this article, you can maximize your chances of making a showstopping branding presentation that leaves your audience invested. 

Confident businessman presenting an investor pitch deck.

By using Prezi to make your presentation, you’re not only equipped with features like pre-designed templates, but you also have the advantage of AI-powered design tools. It’s clear that features like the AI presentation creator and AI text editing tool have changed the way we create presentations. Gone are the days of worrying about what to say and when, because with Prezi, you know that each slide is going to have the perfect balance between text and visuals, captivating your audience.  

And, not only is the creation process a lot easier with Prezi, but it’s quicker too. This is a great perk for brand owners, as we know there’s much more to launching a brand than making presentations. The assistance of Prezi means you now have more time to spend on important tasks. So, for your next branding presentation, partner with Prezi and reap the benefits of amazing design features and AI-powered presentation tools. 

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