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While many people who have been working from home have started settling into routines to make their lives a bit easier, it’s still “business unusual.” And with these unusual circumstances, there’s a higher risk of your employees burning out or feeling disconnected. 

To help you and your team stay engaged, we turned to several business leaders for their advice and insights. Watch their videos below.

Peter Arvai, co-founder and CEO of Prezi  

Peter Arvai knows a thing or two about remote teams. With employees in four different countries, he’s already been keeping everyone connected through asynchronous communication and all-hands meetings. In his Prezi video, he shares three simple ways to help teams stay engaged

John Hall, co-founder of Calendar  

Time management is even more important when you’re working at home — if you’re not mindful, you can easily swing to one of the extremes of being unproductive or burning out. John Hall outlines ways to structure your day to achieve better productivity without losing work-life balance.  

Robert Glazer, founder and CEO of Acceleration Partners

Remote work can often lead to a blurring of lines between your work life and personal life. Robert Glazer has learned this firsthand at Acceleration Partners, a company that’s been fully remote for over a decade. Watch his Prezi video for practical tips on handling remote onboarding, meetings, boundaries, and more.

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Jill Sinclair, executive coach 

One of the biggest challenges remote employees face is loneliness, which can lead to them feeling disjointed, disconnected, and unmotivated. In her video, Jill Sinclair emphasizes the need for leaders to understand different communication styles, set clear expectations, and prioritize the human connection.

Dr. Cindy McGovern, sales expert 

Working remotely is especially tough on salespeople who are used to being on the road, so leaders need to find ways to keep them motivated. Sales expert Dr. Cindy McGovern has some quick tips to help your sales team stay engaged and inspired

Jessica Chen, founder and CEO of Soulcast Media 

Communication strategies that worked in the office don’t always translate well to remote settings. Jessica Chen runs through some dos and don’ts to help you communicate more effectively with your team and keep them engaged

Do you have tips to help employees stay engaged while they work remotely? Share your advice in a Prezi video and add the tag #StayEngaged for a chance to be featured on our Explore page.

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