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The most effective marketing content provides value for customers, and does it in a way that’s clear, personalized, and memorable. To achieve this, marketers have increasingly turned to video as their medium of choice — in fact, 85% of businesses already use video as a marketing tool

It’s important to note that stellar videos are no longer reserved for those with large budgets and extensive post-production experience. With video editing tools like Prezi Video, anybody can create engaging, broadcast-style videos in minutes and from anywhere. Here’s how you can use Prezi Video to create powerful video marketing content for all aspects of your organization. 

Deliver impactful video marketing content 

One of the biggest challenges marketers grapple with on a daily basis is how to stand out from all the other video marketing content out there. With Prezi Video, you can first humanize your brand by having someone appear on camera, and then add fun, compelling visuals to share your message. 
Here’s an example of how we do it at Prezi — I recorded this short video to help people hold better meetings, and shared it on my network:

We’ve already seen great engagement with these types of video updates. Try it for yourself with your next video marketing campaign. 

Build a meaningful connection with prospects and customers

Successful sales deals are built on two-way conversations, and that connection is vital during the lead generation process as well. If you’re holding a webinar, for example, use Prezi Video so that your face isn’t just a tiny bubble on the screen (or worse, completely hidden behind your content). For an excellent example, see how presentation expert Russell Anderson-Williams used Prezi Video for a recent webinar on online presenting:

Stay connected while you work remotely with Prezi Video

Keep your team up to date and engaged

Nobody ever looks at their calendar and thinks, “I wish I had more meetings.” But over time, meetings have become the de facto way to stay in sync. Thankfully, you can now use video to cut down on unnecessary meetings while still conveying important information and staying connected.  

See how Charlotte Doepker, VP of Marketing at Keenan & Associates, kept her team updated with her “Marketing Minute” series:

By using Prezi Video, Charlotte was able to stay on the screen and provide a personable and human update while still presenting her content next to her. 

Even when your team and customers are remote, you can reach out and connect with them through compelling marketing content with video. Try creating your own Prezi video, or explore more great marketing examples

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