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Google — and particularly Google Workspace — is already a key part of many teachers’ toolkits for effectively educating their students. But with the rise of distance or online learning, video is playing an increasingly important role in teacher-student communications. That’s why we’re excited to announce that Prezi Video is now integrated with Google Workspace, so teachers can incorporate meaningful, engaging videos into their curriculum using the apps they already know and love. 

The Prezi Video app is available now in the Google Workspace Marketplace, as well as the Chromebook App Hub. Read on to learn more about how to use this integration in your class. 

Create, record, and save videos for your class in your Google Drive 

Prezi Video takes online learning beyond screen sharing. By overlaying your graphics on screen with you while you record or present, you can maintain a human, face-to-face connection with your students that keeps them engaged — even when showing off your content. Teachers everywhere are already using Prezi Video to create flipped classrooms, explain assignments, prepare students for exams, and give regular announcements and updates.   

To make it even easier to manage your videos alongside your other teaching material, use our integration to access your videos right from Google Drive. You can even create and share videos through Google Drive and view any videos that have been shared with you. To create a video after you’ve installed the app, simply go to any Google Drive folder, click on the plus button in the top left, click on “More,” then select “Prezi Video.” Once you’re done recording, your video will appear in the same folder you started from. You can also export your video directly to Google Drive as a .mp4 file. Even better, you can save time next year by reusing the same content and simply re-recording. 

Provide video updates with Google Classroom 

Stay connected while you work remotely with Prezi Video

If you’re keeping your students updated via Google Classroom, you can also share videos for assignment overviews, online discussion questions, and announcements. With Prezi Video, you’ll avoid sending text-based updates that students might gloss over — instead, your students will be able to see both you and the pertinent information you want to convey at the same time. They can also respond to videos you post and create videos of their own to post. 

You can share your Prezi video in Google Classroom directly from the video admin page (right after you finish recording) or from the view page of the video. 

If you’re not sure where to start, be sure to check out our Idea Sparks on methane myths and Columbia’s economy for some lesson plan inspiration. 

Keep students engaged in live virtual classes over Google Meet

Even with asynchronous updates, there’s no replacement for live interaction with your students. But one of the drawbacks of traditional video conferencing is losing the face-to-face connection when you share your screen. Take your live video conferences up a notch by connecting Prezi Video to Google Meet through our desktop app. This lets you stay on screen with your content to stay connected to your students and prevent video conference fatigue. Use it for more compelling virtual lessons, curriculum nights, and more. 

As educators adapt to teaching their students in virtual or blended classrooms, videos will be a primary driver in fostering understanding and learning. Improve the way you teach online by downloading Prezi Video for Google Workspace and creating your own video content.

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