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Successful educators are always looking for interesting new ways to keep their students engaged. That’s why educator Mikael Forsström turned to Prezi Video for his university-level courses. 

Educator Mikael Forsström

Mikael has over 20 years of experience as a Senior Lecturer in Digital Marketing at the Arcada University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki. For his Web Development and Customer Experience course, he wanted to try a different approach to keep his third-year marketing students interested. 

Typically, after each design sprint, the students have to hand in documentation. But instead of using the same documentation process throughout the course, Mikael asked his students to record a Prezi video once a week with a recap of their sprint, as well as reflections on their accomplishments and goals. This led to more thoughtful responses and strong engagement. 

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Additionally, Prezi Video was “very easy to use — there were no problems,” said Mikael. “I gave a two-minute introduction of Prezi Video [to the class], and then they were off.” 

He’s already started to use this new tool in other courses. In his current Growth Marketing class, he’s creating videos for assignments and background information, which lets his students view general updates beforehand and focus on workshops during class. Mikael hopes to take this flipped classroom model further with the help of Prezi Video. 

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