How Prezi has been a game changer for speaker Diana YK Chan

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“Wow! This looks so good. What are you using?” 

Diana YK Chan, a global speaker, corporate trainer, executive career coach, LinkedIn Top Voice, and LinkedIn Learning Instructor, is frequently asked this question whenever she uses Prezi Video for her virtual presentations. 

Diana was introduced to Prezi in 2013 and interchangeably used both PowerPoint and Prezi Classic (now, Prezi Present) to create her presentations. But it all changed in 2020 when she discovered Prezi Video. She wanted a tool that would allow her to connect with virtual audiences and optimize how she shared her content. 

“It’s really been a game changer,” Diana said. “I really like the fact that I can really show myself as a full screen and with the content there, and that it can be branded.”

Adapting to the new speaking landscape 

Now, Diana uses Prezi on a weekly basis when she hosts live streams on YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn; leads corporate and nonprofit trainings, as well as private coaching sessions; and creates how-to videos. She frequently presents on topics like personal branding, public speaking tips, and networking. 

For her virtual sessions and YouTube videos, she regularly used one of Prezi’s video-optimized templates, which she customized with her brand colors. 

Diana stresses that one of the advantages of Prezi is that you can incorporate your branding with your own logos, colors, and fonts.  

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“The branded piece of it is helpful, The customization helps differentiate and make me stand out as a speaker with my own signature types of slides,” Diana said. “I really like that there’s consistency, and people are always like ‘Wow! This looks so good. What are you using?’”

With some design support, Diana created a new Prezi presentation that incorporated her branding guidelines, consistent graphics, and her favorite elements from our template. 

A better way to train 

At one point, Diana was thinking of foregoing any visuals for meetings. However, she saw that having a Prezi Video presentation on screen benefited her with a more attentive audience, and also allowed her to position herself as more of a trainer and not just a speaker. 

Using Prezi Video also helped her with different audiences and types of learners. Diana was doing talks for the United Nations, and as not everyone’s first language on the call is English, it was helpful to have content up on the next screen next to her, so they could take away one key point from each slide. It also elevated her production quality because her content was alongside her, rather than having a slide deck that she had to screen share.

“Having content on the slides helps people to learn and absorb the content, so I believe that’s really the benefit of it,” Diana said. 

Diana YK Chan wanted a way to impress her audience through virtual presentations, and Prezi Video allowed her to really stand out. She stresses the three reasons she loves Prezi Video are because it “looks pro and unique with great visuals and branding,” it’s “more impressive and credible,” and it leads to “better engagement with her audience.” 

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