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Training across time zones and countries can be challenging. Our users are spread across the world, and with Prezi, they are empowered to easily share presentations online, record asynchronous videos, and encourage meeting interaction.

So, we wanted to hone in on a few of our users to share how they’re using Prezi to make themselves stand out. Read their stories to learn how they can help you with things like your job search, candidate recruiting, subscriber retention, and more. In this post, we’re going to share how a few different users have leveraged Prezi to train and educate. 

Looking for an edge in your job hunt?

As a continuous learner, Kristi Robinson is always searching for what’s innovative, which is how she discovered Prezi. She works as an educator, training manager, and salesperson who spends a lot of time educating her clients and instructors in the fitness industry. 

“I saw the impact of Prezi presentations and Prezi Video just on YouTube and social media,” Kristi said. “Once I used Prezi Video, I saw that it really allowed me to connect with the person on the other side, even though I wasn’t physically there. So, they get an understanding and a feel for who I am, how I educate my tone, my gestures, my body language.”

Recently, she used a Prezi presentation during an interview, which helped secure her the trainer role at Strong Pilates. She turned to Prezi to have a more impressive tool in her belt, and she also started to create presentations and videos to send out to the team internally. 

“I’m also finding it useful for interviews and sending out just that little extra special message when you need to stand out and you need to be above everyone else in terms of what you’re delivering, what you’re bringing, and the value that you’re adding to that person on the other end of the screen. I think that that’s what Prezi delivers over and over again.”

How to attract candidates 

Prior to joining YUPRO Placement in August 2021, Talent Program Manager Deidra Prather had never heard of Prezi. After her teammate introduced her to it, she now uses it regularly for 90% of her presentations. 

“It’s modern and up-to-date,” Deidra said. “Given the climate we’re in and how we do everything on Zoom, Prezi allows us to be innovative and creative with our presentations.”

Grab their attention by making your presentation more interactive

In her role, Deidra focuses on workforce development and offers informational sessions to job seekers, and she shares her two reasons for using Prezi.

“Number one, we’re able to deliver more interactive presentations,” Deidra said. “And then number two, it’s something we’re introducing to candidates who are wowed by it.”

Gaining subscribers with Prezi 

Meet Danilo Millen, an animal scientist at São Paulo State University in Brazil. He uses Prezi Video to interact more with his students and build a successful YouTube channel.

When classes became virtual, Danilo used Prezi to teach his graduate and undergraduate students because it allowed him to show his slides and himself at the same time in the video. 

When asking his students how they felt about the videos created with Prezi, they shared how they were more entertaining because “it seemed to be produced by a movie director.” 

His students were more attentive when watching the videos, and this impacted their overall scores. 

“Prezi videos allowed my students to keep similar grades when compared to the period right before the pandemic; however, the same students were not able to keep their grades in other classes,” Danilo said. 

Using Prezi gave Danilo more confidence, which made him take the leap to start a podcast and a YouTube channel. He had been thinking about this for a while but decided in early 2020 that Prezi is the tool he would use to launch his Rumenologia channel, where he covers topics related to ruminant nutrition, biochemistry, and physiology. 

By using Prezi, he’s monetized his community and has grown his channel to 5,000+ subscribers. He connects it to the classroom by having his students create their own podcast episode with the learnings from his channel. 

Virtual learning and presenting come with their challenges. However, Prezi enables users to connect with their audiences more. Read our other user stories for more tips and tricks to use Prezi with your audience. 

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