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As a professional speaker and strategic story engineer, Bruce Wade has incorporated Prezi into his daily routine to the point where it’s become a fundamental component.

“It’s just become part of my everyday life. It’s enhanced me, reduced my stress, and always makes me look good,” Bruce said. “Prezi’s like underwear. It’s got to go with you everywhere.” 

When Bruce began using Prezi, he immediately noticed very positive reactions from his audience, especially when presenting online using the Prezi Video feature. As a result, he has migrated all his content to the Prezi platform, harnessing the power of Prezi and its functionalities, including Prezi Video and Prezi Design.

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Be the Batman, let Prezi be your Robin

“In the virtual world especially, there’s not much room to impress people. It’s all about the frame,” Bruce said. “Using Prezi has placed me into a higher, professional class of online presenters.” 

Bruce works as a strategic story engineer out of Cape Town, where he helps organizations throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia create strategies based on their company history and values. He also serves as a board member of Sustainable African Strategies (SAS), a nonprofit dedicated to supporting development projects throughout African regions. On top of all of that, he’s also a professional speaker and a member of many speakers associations including the Southern African Professional Speakers Association. Given how he’s supporting companies and the similarities in their names, Bruce self-proclaims himself the “Batman for business.” 

By giving himself this title, Bruce goes above and beyond to serve his clients and support them in creating effective visuals. But it’s Prezi that empowers him to be bold. During a coaching session, Bruce introduced his client to Prezi Design and walked him through creating a brochure from scratch.

“It’s such a high-risk decision, but within 20 minutes we had the most amazing design, and by the end, we had a fully functional brochure that he downloaded and printed out. Prezi helps make me look good as a professional consultant and online speaker, which is great.” 

Exploring Prezi: An engaging and smooth process

Grab their attention by making your presentation more interactive

Learning a new product can be a time-consuming process. According to Bruce, investing around a hundred hours is often necessary, and it’s no secret that many products can lead to moments of frustration. Yet, in the case of Prezi, Bruce’s experience was much smoother. “Prezi cut that hundred hours down to about 20 hours,” he states. “It hasn’t been this major shift away from my normal working, but now there’s an added dose of convenience and ease.”

What also helped Bruce learn the product faster was Prezi’s Certified Educator Course. It was during this experience that he delved deep into exploring the various functionalities Prezi Design had to offer.  

As a result, Bruce wrapped up a 21-page brochure he created using Prezi Design, which was sent to the Rwandan president for SAS. “It looks professional and clean. It’s interactive, easy to follow along, and just as easy to create,” Bruce confidently states. 

Additionally, Bruce has leveraged Prezi for more lighthearted content. He authored a series of books called The Adventures of Brian the Blue Fruit Bat and used artificial intelligence to design the characters, which he included in the presentation. When he wrote the first book, Bruce created a Prezi presentation to introduce the series, which is focused on sharing entrepreneurial development tools to educate youth across the world. 

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Bruce has found Prezi’s full tech stack to be the most effective tool to captivate and educate audiences of all ages. To best equip you in your Prezi journey,  join our community of innovative educators and explore the endless potential for immersive learning experiences through our Prezi Education Programs. Just like Bruce, you can add Prezi to your daily toolbox to help you stand out. 

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