Lessons from Content Marketing World 2020

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Content Marketing World is one of the largest content marketing-focused events in the world, and their fully virtual event this year had no shortage of insightful, compelling speakers. To bring a new level of engagement to the virtual stage, several speakers turned to Prezi Video for their Content Marketing World sessions. Check out some of our favorite clips from their talks below. 

Focus on binge-able experiences 

For Randy Frisch, the CMO and co-founder of content marketing platform Uberflip, personalizing marketing content means going beyond simply using the user’s first name in an email. But many marketers struggle with the resources and time commitment to create truly personalized content. 
In this Prezi video, Randy outlines his five-step framework to help marketers focus on experiences rather than touchpoints, which can ultimately speed up the buying journey:

Create empathetic content

To find the best ways to connect with audiences, keynote speaker Brian Fanzo looked to both older technology (podcasts and radio) and newer technology (TikTok). These platforms have helped him develop more empathetic content to reach his audience in a meaningful way. 

In this Prezi video, Brian gives pointers on finding an authentic voice, building trust, and then empowering your users. Watch it here: 

Pressure test your message 

If you want your audience to take any kind of action, you’ll first need to make sure your message hits all the right targets. Keynote speaker Tamsen Webster explains how to check if your messaging is relevant, resilient, remarkable, and repeatable (and why those are all crucial). 

Ultimately, Tamsen stresses that success comes from figuring out how to get your audience from where they are to where they want to be. Learn more about pressure testing your message in her Prezi video: 

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Test for success 

Too many marketers miss opportunities to re-engage and convert their lapsed customers. Conversion rate optimization expert Chris Dayley highlights some easy ways to drive conversion, including exit intent pop-ups and cart/checkout abandon emails. 

Chris also shares a simple three-step testing process to determine how much content your audience actually wants. Watch his Prezi video for more: 

Understand the “human algorithm” 

One of the reasons why Buzzfeed content can draw you in — even when you know it’s just clickbait — is because it taps into the “human algorithm.” Paxton Gray, the CEO of digital marketing agency 97th Floor, understands the power of appealing to a person’s curiosity, especially in a marketing context. 

Curiosity alone is not enough, though. Paxton explains how to also use data to create content that’s more personal, targeted, and relevant. After all, creating content for everybody means it doesn’t really appeal to anybody. Watch his Prezi video on creating better marketing content:

If you want even more tips, be sure to watch the speakers’ full talks on Content Marketing World. Do you have your own marketing insights to share? Create a Prezi video with the tag #Marketing for a chance to be featured on our Video Gallery

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