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Grab some popcorn and take a seat — it’s time to announce the winners of the 2019 Prezi Awards! We saw some incredible entries this year, including in our brand new Prezi Video categories, so this wasn’t an easy choice.

But the judges have spoken. Here are the best videos and presentations of 2019: 

PREZI VIDEO: BEST OVERALL: Kris Flegg from Presentation Design Co – Save Our Ocean 

Why we love it: Kris’ video perfectly captures our goal with Prezi Video — providing an easy way to share more meaningful, captivating messages. The combination of vivid imagery, clear delivery, and a meaningful theme makes this a standout example of what’s possible with Prezi Video. 

PREZI VIDEO: STAFF FAVORITE: Kelly Coulter – SEO Tip #5: Know Your Keywords 

Why we love it: Really effective videos require a good balance of human connection and visuals. Kelly’s smart use of text and images to complement — rather than overshadow — the information she shares results in an educational and engaging package.

PREZI EXPERT: BEST OVERALL: Fuji – Hidesato Fujiwara’s Golden Armor

Why we love it: I mean, just look at it. Fuji brings a classic Japanese fairy tale to life by using all of Prezi’s features to incredible effect, from subtle rotations to zoom reveals to immersive sounds. This isn’t just a presentation — it’s an experience. 

PREZI EXPERT: BEST BUSINESSMr.Prezident – Zaanse Mayonaise 

Why we love it: “Fun” is probably not the first word that comes to mind when you think of mayo, but Mr.Prezident manages to add personality to the condiment and the brand through this charming presentation.


Why we love it: ASSISTENZWERK’s designers make excellent use of both subtopic transitions and sound effects to create a visceral comparison between Blade Runner’s vision of 2019 and reality. 

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BEST OVERALL DESIGN:  Marco Mattia Biasiolo, Giulia Balocco, Giacomo Bergonzoni of Open Project – Explore Your Digital Mirror 

Why we love it: Interesting metaphors can lead to some of the most memorable presentations. Open Project makes magic out of otherwise dry business content by weaving in connections to Alice in Wonderland throughout.

BEST STORYTELLING:  Attila Gyori – The Dawn of Captivating Presentations

Why we love it: This presentation about making great presentations really practices what it preaches. Attila takes the audience on a journey through the content with the help of a solid story structure and some truly stunning original art. 

BEST USE OF ANIMATIONSElke Geraerts, Better Minds at Work – Authentic Intelligence

Why we love it: Elke demonstrates mastery over the full range of Prezi animations — including fade-ins, panning, and zooms — to create a compelling look at the concept of “authentic intelligence” from start to finish.

BEST EDU/NONPROFITCanadian Men’s Health Foundation – CMHF Overview

Why we love it: By setting up the problem they’re addressing with striking imagery and data visualization, CMHF clearly illustrates the impact their nonprofit organization can make.

BEST BUSINESS:  Philip Friedman – CityBook

Why we love it: The combination of white space, colors, and animations come together to create a business overview that feels more like a conversation than a sales pitch.

If your presentation or video didn’t win this year, never fear! We’re always looking for great content to showcase on our Prezi Gallery and Prezi Video Explore pages. And, we’re already looking forward to seeing what you cook up for next year’s Prezi Awards. 

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