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In today’s fast-paced world, deadlines loom closer than ever. Whether it’s a presentation scheduled for later today or looming on the horizon later this week, the pressure can be overwhelming. That’s where Prezi steps in to alleviate the stress with our innovative AI-powered features, designed to empower you to create captivating presentations effortlessly.

The “tomorrow problem” encapsulates the urgency individuals feel as presentation deadlines approach rapidly. It demands swift action and resolution within tight timeframes. With Prezi AI, we offer a solution that ensures your message is clear and remembered long after the presentation ends.

Build a presentation with AI

Our latest feature update to Prezi AI allows you to generate a presentation with AI in a matter of minutes, simply from a few keywords or ideas. No more staring at a blank page, grappling with where to start. Prezi AI streamlines the process, guiding you through content creation effortlessly.

Prezi AI

But don’t just take our word for it. Let’s hear from some of our users who have successfully tackled their tomorrow problem with Prezi AI.

A teacher’s guide to engaging presentations with Prezi AI 

Time is a huge commodity for teachers. 

For sixth-grade teacher Jamie Ewing, who was recently nominated as America’s Favorite Teacher, said it was a breath of fresh air when he discovered Prezi Video in 2019 because it transformed his ability to communicate in a great, fresh, modern way.

And in 2024, his life changed again…with Prezi AI

“Prezi AI is a game changer. As a teacher, I was initially skeptical about AI programs, but Prezi AI proved me wrong. It’s transformative. So much of the work that I used to labor over is now done for me in seconds. All I have to do is upload my directions, tweak a few details, and spend a little time putting my final touches into the presentation.”

For his recent farm trip, Jamie employed Prezi AI to create a Class Review for the first week of May, and shared his tutorial on how to do so. 

Jamie shares how he most effectively creates presentations using Prezi AI, and how using Prezi AI gives him time back to do what he likes to do most.

Here’s Jamie’s guide to using Prezi AI: 

1. Keep your theme simple. Don’t over-explain it; you’ll get better results.

2. Type up exactly what you want to include in your presentation.

3. Once you have your first template, play around with color themes, background

photos, making slides transparent, or moving items.

4. Test drive it to see what you might need to tweak.

5. Enjoy having more time for other things.

Grab their attention by making your presentation more interactive

So follow Jamie’s advice and revolutionize your communication and engagement in the classroom with Prezi AI. 

How Prezi AI transforms ideas into professional presentations 

Ted Toussaint, a seasoned speaker and behavioral scientist based in France, attests to the transformative capabilities of Prezi AI. According to Ted, the latest feature update offers users the ability to generate visually stunning presentations with ease. By simply inputting a few keywords or ideas, Prezi AI provides a structured outline, allowing users to focus on refining their message rather than grappling with the initial blank canvas.

Storyboard Example – Water Cycle Project
Prezi AI generated presentation example.

“The professional look is easy to adjust to match your branding and still allows the outstanding freedom of creativity that Prezi is known for.”

Creating A-worthy class presentations 

Dani, a high school student in Hungary, echoes the sentiments above and has embraced the transformative power of Prezi AI. In Dani’s experience, Prezi AI has not only expedited his workflow but has also elevated the aesthetics of his presentation. 

“Prezi AI has not only made my work faster and easier, but it has also taken the beauty of my presentations to a new level. Thanks to the capabilities of Prezi AI, it was a great success in the class.”

A new, faster approach to creating presentations 

For presentation expert Fuji based out of Japan, Prezi AI revolutionizes the traditional approach to creating presentations. Instead of having users spend a lot of time laying out their content, they can focus more on crafting compelling narratives. 

A close-up of a female entrepreneur using laptop for business and finances to work with personal data. She is utilizing AI, A.I., and ML technologies in daily life to enhance her working routine. Embracing the futuristic union of human and technology and meeting presentation deadlines.

Prezi’s dynamic nature and zooming capabilities not only captivate the audience’s attention but also enhance the overall delivery of information, making presentations more memorable and impactful.

“Prezi AI creates a new frontier in presentations by automating both intuitive structuring and unique super-smooth motions.”

Conquering the blank page 

Another challenge with creating presentations is when you’re staring at the screen, not knowing where to start, which tech consultant Christian Gajda refers to as “blank paper anxiety.” He recommends using Prezi AI to tackle this common problem. 

With Prezi AI, you can start creating a beautiful, AI-generated foundation tailored to your preferences. This makes the presentation creation process more efficient and inspiring, providing you with a creative canvas to add your personal touch. 

Beat deadlines & create impactful presentations with Prezi AI

Our users highlight the diverse ways in which Prezi AI has revolutionized the presentation creation process. From educators to students to seasoned professionals, Prezi AI offers a seamless solution to the “tomorrow problem,” ensuring that your presentations are not only delivered on time but also leave a lasting impression.

Smiling african woman giving presentation at startup. Happy female professional standing in front of a large television screen with a graph.

So, the next time you’re faced with a looming deadline and the pressure is mounting, remember that Prezi AI is here to help you tackle the “tomorrow problem” with ease. Say goodbye to blank paper anxiety and hello to effortless, impactful presentations with Prezi AI.

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