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As more employers explore at least a partial return to in-person work, Cisco has been at the forefront of delivering innovative hybrid work solutions. That’s why we’re excited to announce that Prezi is now included on Cisco’s Global Price List. This means that Webex customers can also purchase Prezi alongside Webex for a complete hybrid work solution. Find out how Prezi Video works seamlessly with Webex to help customers stay connected with their virtual and hybrid teams. 

Built for the hybrid office 

The previous “synchronous enterprise” model is now a relic of the past, and moving forward, most meetings will have some attendees who aren’t in the same room. However, non-verbal cues are still crucial for understanding and relationship-building, which means relying on face-obscuring features like screen sharing will only hamper effective communication. To stay competitive, organizations will need to find ways to include virtual attendees without losing the all-important human connection that helps companies run smoothly. 

Prezi Video was developed specifically for virtual presentations, so Cisco customers can now deliver fully immersive and engaging Webex meetings by bringing their content alongside the presenter, similar to what we see watching news and sports on the TV. After all, you wouldn’t want to watch a sports game without the scoreboard or stats on the screen to provide helpful context, so why should you make your virtual colleagues, customers, and prospects do the same on video calls? What’s more, by presenting next to your visuals, you can deliver content in a way that establishes credibility, builds trust, and resonates emotionally.

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Learn more about how Prezi Video and Webex are working together to bring more engagement to hybrid enterprises.

A new era of collaboration 

Excellent collaboration has always been paramount in keeping teams aligned, productive, and impactful, and that won’t change in a hybrid work environment. In fact, the flexibility of the hybrid office means that we’ll be seeing even stronger collaboration take place. By adding a new layer of interactivity to your virtual presentations, you can now take your live meetings to the next level. 

But you also don’t have to wait for everyone’s schedules to magically line up to work effectively — by recording Prezi videos to share in your Webex space asynchronously, you can keep your team updated without losing precious time. You can even “flip” your meetings by sending a recorded agenda ahead of time, so that you focus your live meetings on more important things like brainstorming, strategy, and next steps. It’s time for organizations to fully embrace the hybrid work model, and thanks to innovative solutions, it’s easier than ever to make that transition. Learn more about how Prezi and Cisco are working together to make hybrid work better at:

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