Prezi survey reveals larger video meetings are the most productive

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Meetings have become one of the biggest challenges for remote and hybrid organizations. At Prezi, we’re seeing that video meetings with more attendees are more productive. Why? It may sound counterintuitive, but the reason is that bigger meetings require more structure to create flow and to ensure everyone has a chance to contribute. Larger meetings also have higher visibility with both colleagues and higher-ups, resulting in people investing more time in prep. These factors lead to more intentionality from facilitators, which includes tactics like creating an agenda — or a more purposeful Run of Show — as well as more use of visual communications materials. According to our recent survey of 1,118 enterprise workers, larger video meetings with 11 or more participants were reported as being the most productive.

  • 49.8% of people whose average video meeting size was 11 or more participants said their meetings were highly productive, while only 35.4% of people whose average video meeting size was 10 or less participants said their meetings were highly productive

The survey also found that enterprise workers have an appetite for tools that will make the video meeting experience more collaborative and effective.

 Here are some additional key findings: 

  • Most people (30.8%) spend 30 minutes – 1 hour preparing for a video meeting; 25.9% of respondents spend more than 1 hour preparing for video meetings
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  • Top 3 challenges when collaborating on video meetings:
  1. Staying focused / engaged (72.4%)
  2. Feeling connected to colleagues (55%)
  3. Team members having an equal opportunity to contribute (52.2%)
  • Top 3 challenges with effective meeting management on video:
  1. Getting all meeting participants to contribute to the discussion (67.8%)
  2. Assigning action items in real time while maintaining the flow of the conversation (52.6%)
  3. Using multiple workplace tools that don’t easily integrate with each other (52.2%)

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