Prezi’s Staff Picks: Stakeholder management, sales, and efficiency

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Communication is key in the workplace, whether you’re regularly talking with customers and prospects or working with internal team members. It’s even more important if you’re working remotely — good communication can improve the way you hold team meetings or replace a meeting entirely. 

To help you better communicate and sell (while also staying on top of your workload), we’ve compiled some great Prezi videos from experts and professionals. 

Master the art of stakeholder management

For any major campaign or project in the workplace, you’ll likely have stakeholders — team members with a vested interest in the results. Charlie Huang, a Project Lead with experience at companies like WeWork, Spotify, and Google, has years of experience working with stakeholders across different teams. Watch his detailed Prezi video for ways to identify who your stakeholders are; tips to communicate with them more effectively; and practical techniques to improve your stakeholder management skills. 

Adopt a conversational sales approach

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The nature of presentations has changed: Presentations are no longer info dumps, but rather a way to fill in the gaps of knowledge. And that’s especially true for sales pitches; by the time a buyer sits down for the pitch, they’re usually mostly sold — they’re just looking for answers to a few specific questions. Spencer Waldron, Prezi’s Director of Global Communications, explains how salespeople can use a conversational approach to create a more personalized sales pitch and close more deals.

Optimize your efficiency

Long, seemingly endless to-do lists are a common sight in the workplace, and tackling these tasks can often be daunting. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Liz Lockwood, a Digital Project Manager, shares her advice to help you prioritize your tasks; narrow the scope of your to-do list to manageable chunks; and rethink your priorities on a regular basis. Watch her Prezi video and start working more efficiently.

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