Prezi’s Staff Picks: Staying connected, LinkedIn profiles, and SEO

There have been some truly fantastic Prezi videos recently, covering a wide range of topics across many different industries. We’ve collected a few of our favorites to share with you here in the first installment of our “Prezi’s Staff Picks” series — enjoy! 

Stay connected in a virtual world

Almost every company has adopted digital technology for the sake of convenience and efficiency, but the blending of virtual worlds into our everyday lives also has drawbacks. HBR author Nick Morgan explores the communication gap that occurs at work, and how we can address these issues. 

Optimize your LinkedIn profile

Many recruiters turn to LinkedIn as another way to discover potential new hires. Job search and career coach Ashley Watkins shares some simple tips to improve your LinkedIn profile and appear in more hiring searches. 

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Analyze your SEO

Just because you’ve applied SEO best practices to your site doesn’t mean all of them are working. Expert Kelly Coulter explains why you should dig into your data to understand how to further optimize your content. 

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