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Your resume is often the first thing recruiters and hiring managers see during the hiring process (and even then, they only spend an average of 7 seconds on it), which means it’s crucial to have a resume that’s polished and stands out. Watch these Prezi videos from hiring professionals and experts for resume tips and best practices.

Six steps for job hunting success 

Before you even begin your job search, you’ll need to first define your strategy and do the proper prep work. Alana Henry, a certified professional resume writer, outlines six steps you should take to make sure your job hunt is focused and effective. Watch her Prezi video here:

Help your resume stand out 

The hiring process is often a highly competitive one, and a resume that stands out will improve your chances of getting to the next step. Sharla McAuliffe, an executive resume writer and former trainer at, shares resume tips to help yours get noticed: 

Get past automatic filters

80% of Fortune 500 companies use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), which filter out 75% of applicants before they reach recruiters. Fortunately, Patricia Figueroa, the founder of the Career Glow Up, has some practical advice to help you get past ATS filters and get your resume in front of actual recruiters: 

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Explain layoffs on your resume 

For many people who’ve been laid off or furloughed, the first impulse is to avoid mentioning this detail in resumes and cover letters. But not talking about it can be a much bigger risk than being transparent. Certified professional resume writer Lauren Hamer explains why it’s important to be honest, and how to frame these circumstances in the best light: 

Capture the attention of recruiters  

The way you format your resume can have a big effect on how much attention recruiters give it. Even some simple changes can make all the difference. Follow these five resume tips from Jessica De Anda, a higher education professional at the Berkeley Haas School of Business: 

You can find more resume tips on the Prezi Video Explore page. If you’re currently job hunting, then start with a Prezi Design resume template and apply these expert tips to your resume. Or, share your own resume advice by creating a Prezi video today.  

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