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There’s an increasing disconnect between marketing strategies and what audiences actually consume. The focus is now on in-the-moment and extremely short-form content, but people have proven that they can sit and binge content for literally hours at a time – just ask Netflix.

In this SmartBrief piece from Prezi’s VP of Brand Marketing, Stefanie Grossman, she digs into what it takes to capture the attention of an online audience and then keep them engaged.

Bringing together storytelling, dialogue, and visuals

The shift towards short, bite-sized content in recent years is partly because of the myth that our attention spans are shrinking. They’re not. In our 2018 State of Attention Report, we found that many business professionals claim that they can give content even more of their undivided attention than a year ago. The catch? They’re much more selective about what, exactly, they pay attention to.

Grab their attention by making your presentation more interactive

Over half of the surveyed professionals said they wouldn’t bother engaging with a piece of content unless it had a great story attached to it. That’s why storytelling is such an important part of the creative process whenever you start a blog, make a video, or create an ad. But storytelling by itself isn’t enough – it needs to be complemented by compelling visuals, and then followed up with open dialogue.

Developing a marketing strategy that balances all three of these elements is crucial to not only engage your audience but keep them coming back for more.

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