HR communication: 3 ways to improve communication in your workplace

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HR is responsible for delivering some of the most important messages across a company and is critical in building a supportive, positive culture and working environment. Incorporating video in your HR communication strategy is a great way to liven up your content and make your messages stand out. Read on to learn how to incorporate the video editing tool Prezi Video into your program and improve HR communication with your teams.


Migrating training sessions to video is a cost-effective way for companies to keep employees’ skills up to date. If you hold a training session through video, you don’t have to reserve a room large enough for everyone to fit, and you can stream your training session live so people in other offices or home workspaces can attend. You also have the option to hold the training session asynchronously by recording your video and sharing it so attendees can watch it on their own time.

Dividing trainings into short, easy-to-digest clips is great for employees with busy schedules. For example, see Julie DeBuhr’s short video on tackling tough conversations remotely, which could easily fit into a training session on giving feedback:

Employee onboarding

Video is especially useful for onboarding remote workers. The traditional office tour and deskside introductions aren’t an option for remote teams, so use video to provide a personal touch to the onboarding experience. This helps the new hire get a sense of your company’s culture without the ability to meet everyone in person.

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To help new hires get acquainted with the company’s values and the executive team, create an overview video covering company history, culture, and management.

Prezi Video is a great alternative to an in-person onboarding training session. At Prezi, for instance, employee onboarding material is split between written documents and Prezi videos to give new hires a choice between watching/listening and reading the information.

Updates and best practices

Video updates can also replace traditional memos and company-wide emails, since video is easier to consume and way more engaging. By delivering a company update via video, your teammates can pick up on visual cues that show your interest and passion about the topic, which is more memorable than a simple text-based update. It’s easy to start creating company updates using the Prezi Video online editor. Add your content directly in the video editor, record your message, then share with the team.

Prezi Video is also effective for creating best practice videos to share with your team or the company. For instance, as the coronavirus pandemic shifted Prezi to an all-remote workforce, Prezi’s HR business partner Nikoletta Toth created this short video on asynchronous communication best practices:

There is a lot of opportunity for businesses to improve HR communication with Prezi Video. Learn more about how you can use Prezi Video at your company and watch more examples of how professionals are using Prezi Video in the Video Gallery.

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