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In remote sales, you need to rely on a different set of tools and skills than you would for in-person sales. However, it can be challenging to know which areas to tweak and which to completely overhaul. That’s why we turned to sales experts to share their tips — recorded in Prezi Video — to help you navigate the world of hybrid and virtual sales

Finding the right remote sales tools 

Fortunately, most sales teams likely already have experience with remote sales — phone calls and emails are tried-and-true methods of closing deals without being in person. Now it’s just a matter of expanding the sales toolkit to take advantage of a virtual sales environment. In her Prezi video, sales leadership coach Alice Heiman shares recommendations for hardware (such as lighting and audio) and software (ZoomInfo, Modus, DealPoint, and Accord, to name a few): 

Amy Franko, the founder of a sales consultancy and a LinkedIn Top Voice in Sales, stresses the importance of video. “I expect video to remain an important part of the sales process,” says Amy. “Sellers need to weave it into as many stages of their sales process as possible, and sales leaders need to coach to it. In fact, the sales skill evaluation I use with my clients has added a video proficiency component to help individuals and teams build those skills.”

Virtual selling tips to get you started 

A healthy pipeline and high win rates start with a strong sales process. If your organization resists changing or adapting your processes, you’ll end up lagging behind your competitors. Zontee Hou, the President and Chief Strategist for digital marketing agency Media Volery, points to video as crucial for the remote sales process — watch her video for four ways to integrate video into your sales process, such as using recorded video for pitches and follow-ups and using live video conferencing for proposal reviews: 

Of course, the majority of sales work will be meeting with prospects and presenting the company’s product or service, and this is where there’s the greatest disparity between in-person and remote sales. All the benefits of building rapport and nonverbal cues (i.e., body language and facial cues) get thrown out the window as soon as a sales rep shares their screen. 

Julie Hansen, the founder of Sales Presentation Expert, shares some tips for more effective sales meetings and presentations, including interacting early in the call, keeping your camera on you (by using a tool like Prezi Video), and creating snack-sized content. Find out all her tips by watching her video:

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People already have too many meetings, so if you go into your sales call unprepared, you’re only going to turn your prospect off your product or service. Dr. Cindy McGovern, a bestselling author and the CEO of Orange Leaf Consulting, offers some simple tips — such as planning ahead and being direct — to help you save 10 minutes on your next sales call:

How to use Prezi for remote sales

To be effective in remote sales, you’ll need to uplevel your sales presentations. That’s why Rich Mulholland, the founder of presentation agency Missing Link, recommends using Prezi’s suite of tools. In particular, he highlights the importance of making sales presentations interactive and conversational to help facilitate more relevant and natural conversations with prospects. Watch his video to learn how Prezi can help you achieve better results: 

You can also use Prezi Video to refresh your product demos for remote sales. Russell Anderson-Williams, the founder of the Prezenter, uses his favorite beer to demonstrate some unique ways to show off your product online:

Your buyers now expect more from their online interactions, so be sure to apply these tips to make sure you don’t lose them. For more tips on holding better sales meetings in the hybrid workplace, read our guidebook. Or if you’re looking for more remote sales inspiration, check out our Video Gallery.

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