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Studying for a test is already stressful enough —  your students have to sift through binders full of notes and review weeks of homework. Between all that content, it can be hard to even know where to start. Make it easier on your class by using Prezi Video to let them know what to focus on. In just a few minutes, you can create a short and shareable video — your students will be happy to get a little sneak peek of the test, and you get to keep building a stronger relationship with them. 

Why you should use Prezi Video to make a study guide

Reaching out to your students through video is a great way to shake up your teaching routine. Your students learn in different ways, whether it’s auditory, visual, reading/writing, or kinesthetic (or some combination of these). With video, your students will be able to see and listen to you, which opens up more learning opportunities than reading a written summary on its own.

Prezi Video is a simple, easy-to-use video maker. Record your video, then upload it to whatever learning management system or platform you use with your students and keep track of your lessons. Videos made on Prezi Video can also be viewed on mobile devices — perfect for reaching those students who have their noses buried in their smartphones (which is most likely every single one of them).

See it in action — check out the video study guide teacher Zak Wilson made for his sixth grade US history class:

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Zak’s video is short and sweet. He’s not doing the work of making a full study guide for his students, just a quick review of major events and a simple FYI of what he’s looking for on the quiz.

Make a video study guide like Zak’s

You can make a video study guide just like Zak’s — just go to his video page and click the “Reuse” button. You’ll be able to record yourself and add your own content using his study guide as a template, or alter the design to make it more unique. To build something from scratch for your own class, just log in to your dashboard and click “Create new video.” We recommend you add one point per frame, as Zak did. 

Video study guides are a great way to review key concepts with your students after class has ended. Check out Prezi Video to learn more today.

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