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5 Things About Presentations We Learned at the Content Marketing Summit


“Content marketing” seems to be on the tips of marketers’ tongues all around the world these days. The #ThinkContent hashtag from today’s Content Marketing Summit, organized by NewsCred, was even a globally trending topic on Twitter.

Great content marketing and great presentations have something in common: the power to deliver a message more effectively. We decided to translate some of the learnings from NewsCred’s conference into tips that all presenters can use to share their ideas and engage their audiences, no matter what they’re discussing.

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How to Memorize Your Presentation—In 60 Minutes or Less

When presenting, it’s never a good idea to read from your slides or note cards. A few quick glances are usually acceptable. And if you read everything word for word, you will seem disengaged from the audience. Even though most presenters know this, the situation still seems unavoidable. What if you experience a mental block and forget an entire section of your presentation? You can’t be expected to memorize an hour-long speech that’s packed with crucial data. Is that even possible? If we were to ask the ancient Greeks and Romans, we would find that the answer is a loud “yes.” How did Cicero remember all of his famous orations? He used a technique called “the memory palace.”

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The Apple Presentation Report Card

Tuesday’s Apple announcement captured attention and imaginations around the world—but how effective were the presenters that took the stage in Cupertino? Apple is a company famous for its tightly-executed presentations, and Steve Jobs is often referenced as having been one of the greatest speakers in the tech industry.

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TED Talks Are Wildly Addictive for 5 Scientific Reasons

In the last ten years researchers studying brain scans have learned more about the science of persuasion than we’ve ever known in all of civilization. That means we’ve know what moves people, and we can prove it scientifically. After analyzing more than 500 TED presentations (adding up to over 150 hours of talks) and speaking directly to successful TED presenters and leading neuroscientists, I’ve discovered that the most popular TED presentations share five common elements that are all based on the science of persuasion. Best of all, you can use these five scientific principles to create more awe-inspiring presentations.

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Everything You Need to Know About Today’s Apple Announcement In 2 Prezis

This morning, Tim Cook and the Apple team announced a series of highly-anticipated new products. From the iPhone 6 to the Apple Watch, the products released during today’s presentations are sure to capture the attention of the business world over the next days and months. But just how revolutionary are these new products, and how do they stand up to the rest of the devices already on the market?

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