On-demand webinar: 3 ways to stop outdated presentation software from killing your great ideas

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The sharing economy, the startup boom, the existence of a rapidly expanding, ever-changing internet: all contributing to the need for unprecedented levels of innovation. You know you have to stand out—you must stand out—but how can you truly give yourself an edge?

In this webinar, join “Best Business Prezi” award-winner Luke Goetting to discover the secrets to being a far better presenter, salesperson, collaborator, and innovator just by changing the way you think about presenting (and presentation software).

You’ll learn:

  • How to customize your presentations in real time based on the interests of the people you’re presenting to, and how this improves your rapport with your audience
  • How Prezi Next’s online portal allows you to collaborate, create, and execute presentations more effectively than any other tool (and the science behind it)
  • How Prezi Analytics totally revolutionizes the way people share, track, and iterate their presentations to be more effective each and every time

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