The storyteller’s edge: Communication secrets to sell, lead, and grow

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An effective presentation isn’t one where you read from bullet points or recite a list of seemingly disconnected facts and figures. No, an effective presentation needs to be memorable, and to create and deliver a memorable presentation, you need stories.

Storytelling is the single best tool to inform, persuade, and inspire your audience. In this webinar, executed using the most advanced presentation tool available—Prezi AR (augmented reality)—you’ll discover why ideas alone do not drive behavior. Rather, ideas need storytellers to help transport them from one person to another and provide the spark that incites action. Now it’s your turn: stop being just a presenter and become a storyteller that people remember.

Join Carmine Gallo—renowned author, keynote speaker, and Prezi’s new Storyteller-in-Residence—to hear how to effectively use storytelling in every presentation you give.

You’ll get:

  • The secrets behind Carmine’s success and how you can become a mainstage-worthy presenter
  • A closer look at the science behind storytelling and how to keep your audience in sync with your message
  • Tips on mapping your presentation to classic storytelling structure in order to create an emotional connection and inspire action
  • You’ll also get examples of influential figures—from Aristotle to Abraham Lincoln to Nobel Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai—and how they shaped history through storytelling.

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