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How to get your company to start using Prezi

Looking for tips on how to start using Prezi in your business? In this series of guest posts, Roelof Hengst, founder of Prezzip, offers practical tips and tools for you to get your company on board with Prezi. Roelof and his team have created Prezi templates, run Prezi workshops, and offered design support for thousands of clients, and now they’re sharing their insights into how to use Prezi effectively in a business environment.

So you’ve been using Prezi for a while, your colleagues love your work, and momentum in your organization is building to adopt Prezi more widely. Congratulations—you’re already on your way to ending boring presentations in your office. Here are some tips that will help you take your company’s use of Prezi to the next level.

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Your Prezi Editor, more intuitive than ever.

We’re excited to tell you about some relatively small changes that we think will have a really big impact on how easily you use the Prezi Editor. You’ll notice these changes in your online and desktop editor over the next few weeks. All the tools you know and love are still there, but we’ve moved them around a bit to better fit with how you work. Keep reading to see what’s new.

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How to structure your presentation

Imagine you’re about to give the most important presentation of your life. You’ve spent hours planning and rehearsing. You went to bed early last night and ate a big breakfast so as to be at your most alert. You dressed sharply and showed up early. Now, your audience is beginning to filter into their seats, and you’re feeling that swell of butterflies in your stomach. It’s game time—time to make your boss look up from her phone and persuade your colleagues to act on your ideas.

From the moment you step up to the microphone, you need to show your audience where you’re going and why they should care. One of the primary advantages Prezi has over traditional, slide-based presentation software is the ability to visualize the relationships between your ideas. With Prezi, you arrange your content in structures that reinforce your message, making your presentation more memorable and effective for everyone in the audience.

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4 ways to use 3D backgrounds in Prezi

Meaghan Hendricks is a presentation designer at Prezi. She has designed prezis for a wide variety of purposes, from TED talks to Prezi tutorials to reinterpretations of classic fairy tales. You can find some of the prezis she’s made on her public Prezi profile.

What is the secret to making amazing prezis that captivate your audience? Though there are many elements that come together to make an engaging prezi, one of the keys is a visual structure that organizes and connects your content.

3D backgrounds offer an easy way to bring visual structure to your prezi—they can help you recreate real-world spatial relationships and establish a coherent environment for your content.

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How to create a prezi that will blow away your audience, part 2.

The folks at gtcreate know how to make a prezi look awesome and blow audiences away, because they do this day in, day out for their clients. In this two-part guest post, Duncan Dibble, gtcreate's Client Services and Digital Director, imparts some of his expert knowledge so you, too, can stand out from the crowd and deliver a killer presentation. In this second post, learn how to use Prezi's cinematic features, like zooming and panning, to make an impact on your audience. To see part 1 of this post, click here.

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