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By now, Zoom has become almost synonymous with remote work. But like any other frequently used tool, it’s important to find ways to be creative and avoid feeling fatigued. Part of that lies in how people use Zoom — while it’s great to be able to talk face to face with others, it can be hard to stay engaged when you take over the entire screen to share content. 

Enter Prezi Video, our video creation tool that lets you overlay your visuals next to you on the screen, allowing you to share information without obscuring your body language and facial cues. Keep the human connection even when presenting on video. And now, Prezi Video is integrated directly with Zoom, making it easier than ever to host video meetings that feel fresh, interactive, and compelling. 

Read on to find out: 

How to use Prezi Video with Zoom 

Getting set up with Prezi Video for Zoom is easy. Try using one of these options: 

1. Download the Prezi Video desktop app

You can create your content from scratch in the Prezi Video desktop app, or import an existing Prezi or PowerPoint presentation. Once you’re done creating, you can sign into Zoom directly from the app and start a video conference. Download the app from the Zoom App Marketplace or from our site and try it out today. 

2. Switch to Prezi Video during your Zoom meeting

Stay connected while you work remotely with Prezi Video

If you’re already on a Zoom call and want to share your content, don’t worry — you can easily switch over to Prezi Video without losing a beat. Simply select the “Prezi Video Virtual Camera” from the camera list in your settings, then connect the Prezi Video desktop app. Get more details on streaming Prezi Video content on a Zoom call here. 

How to use Prezi Video and Zoom for your business 

Video conferences have long been a staple in businesses, even before everyone started working remotely. But with the surge in Zoom usage this year, it’s important to find ways to keep your content creative and engaging. Be sure to integrate Prezi Video into your Zoom calls for a wide range of business uses, including: 

How to use Prezi Video and Zoom for online learning 

The transition to remote life has been especially challenging for educators. Not only have they had to rethink their lessons for an online format, but they’ve also had to find new ways to keep their students attentive and engaged. For your online classroom, try using Prezi Video with Zoom to improve your: 

  • Remote lessons. Prezi Video helps educators share course material with students without losing that crucial face-to-face connection. See how educator Rachael Streitman kept her students interested while teaching the Enlightenment online. Or, try adding a fun game show element to your next Zoom lesson.

  • School-to-home communications. It’s more important than ever to have open dialogue between educators and parents. Strengthen your school community by holding parent-teacher conferences or a virtual back-to-school night.

  • Student assignments. The need for engagement cuts both ways. Students can also display their mastery of the material by presenting with Prezi Video online and walking through a report or assignment in front of the (virtual) class.

No matter how you’re using Zoom, you can elevate your next video conference by downloading the Prezi Video app. Stop choosing between showing your face and your content, and see the difference when you have both on the same screen. 

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