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By now, Zoom has become almost synonymous with remote work. But like any other frequently used tool, it’s important to find ways to be creative and avoid feeling fatigued. Part of that lies in how people use Zoom — while it’s great to be able to talk face-to-face with others, it can be hard to stay engaged when you take over the entire screen to share content. 

Enter Prezi Video, a game-changing app for Zoom Meetings that lets you overlay your visuals next to you on the screen, allowing you to share information without obscuring your body language and facial cues. Keep the human connection even when presenting on video. And you can easily find and add the Prezi Video for Zoom app here, or search “Prezi Video for Zoom” in the Zoom App Marketplace. So you’re just a few clicks away from making your meetings and online presentations more engaging and interactive.

And what’s more? Prezi Video is Zoom’s app of the month – that’s one more reason to check it out!

Prezi Video for Zoom: A screenshot of a meeting, showcasing how Prezi Video works.

Benefits of using Prezi Video for Zoom

Beyond the benefit of seeing your presenter alongside their content, Prezi Video offers a range of benefits that can significantly improve your Zoom presentations. Here’s how:

  • Increase engagement: Prezi Video goes beyond static slides. You can zoom in on specific elements, and add animations to highlight key points. This visually engaging approach keeps your audience engaged and actively participating in the session.

  • Improve clarity: Ever felt like you’re bombarding your audience with information overload during screen sharing? Prezi Video lets you gradually reveal information alongside your commentary. This allows viewers to absorb complex topics more easily and retain key takeaways.

  • Non-verbal cues: Communication is more than just words. Non-verbal cues like eye contact and facial expressions play a crucial role in conveying emotions and building trust. Prezi Video allows presenters to maintain a human connection with their audience, fostering a more impactful presentation experience.

  • Boost interaction with live chat: You can take the live chat happening during your Zoom meeting and display it directly next to the main speaker. This allows you to highlight key points from the chat, create agendas on the fly, or simply add some visual interest to your presentations.

  • Express yourself: Don’t be afraid to show your personality! Prezi Video allows you to use custom reactions, stickers, and GIFs from their library. You can even upload your own to add a touch of fun to your meetings.

  • Stand out with personalized name tags: With Prezi Video, you can add a large, clear, and customizable name tag. You can even add your role, company, or a message you want to share with everyone in the meeting.

How to use Prezi Video for Zoom 

Want to add a dynamic touch to your Zoom presentations? Here’s how to integrate the Prezi Video for the Zoom app:

  1. Find the app: Locate the Prezi Video for Zoom app in the Zoom App Marketplace. You can either search directly for it or visit this resource for quick access.

  2. Add to Zoom: Click “Add” to seamlessly integrate the app with your Zoom account.

  3. Grant permissions: Click “Allow” to grant Prezi Video for Zoom the necessary permissions to function within your Zoom environment.

  4. Launch and use: To use the app, you have two options: open it directly from your Zoom Apps list, or launch it within a new or existing Zoom meeting from the Zoom Apps section.
Stay connected while you work remotely with Prezi Video

This streamlined process allows you to leverage Prezi Video’s capabilities and elevate your Zoom presentations in no time!

How to use Prezi Video for Zoom for your business 

Video conferences have long been a staple in businesses, even before the rise of hybrid and remote work. As the pace and way of working are changing to a more flexible and remote format, it’s crucial to find ways to keep your content creative and engaging. That’s where Prezi Video steps in to elevate your Zoom meetings for a wide range of business uses, including: 

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How to use Prezi Video for Zoom for online learning 

The transition to remote life can be especially challenging for educators. Not only you need to rethink your lessons for an online format, but you also need to find new ways to keep your students attentive and engaged. For your online classroom, try using Prezi Video for Zoom to improve your: 

  • Remote lessons. Prezi Video helps educators share course material with students without losing that crucial face-to-face connection. See how educator Rachael Streitman kept her students interested while teaching the Enlightenment online. Or, try adding a fun game show element to your next Zoom lesson.

  • School-to-home communications. It’s more important than ever to have an open dialogue between educators and parents. Strengthen your school community by holding parent-teacher conferences or a virtual back-to-school night.

  • Student assignments. The need for engagement cuts both ways. Students can also display their mastery of the material by presenting with Prezi Video online and walking through a report or assignment in front of a virtual or hybrid class.

No matter how you’re using Zoom, you can elevate your next video conference by adding the Prezi Video app. No need to choose between showing your face or your content – see the difference when you have both on the same screen. 

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