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More privacy for Enjoy, Pro Prezi users

Prezi's Terms of Use document has now been updated--providing more privacy to our users. We had asked creators of public and private prezis to provide the same licenses in return for our service before. The new version handles public and private prezis separately. Let our friendly avatars explain the details for you in the prezi above!


New editor enhancements

We have implemented new features in the editor that make it easier to add text, move around elements and manage your growing prezi while zooming and panning. Let's see what's new:

1. Move objects around simply by dragging them with your mouse. No need to click on them and use the zebra.

2. Just click anywhere and start typing to add text. Double click still works, and is used to edit existing texts.

3. The "Escape" key of your keyboard just became smarter:
- pressing esc while typing finishes the text edit session and closes the textbox.
- pressing esc while the Zebra is over an object makes the Zebra disappear

4. Lock elements with zooming (photo above): as you zoom in and out and items get tiny or huge, they will fade out and get "locked". They will behave like the background (you cannot drag them or select them but you can write on them). Unlocking is easy: just zoom to the opposite direction. Hitting the "shift" key (for multiselect) or multiselect by the zebra "+" menu option unlocks every object
(locking is disabled in show mode, you won't see faded objects while presenting)

Video: Prezi Meeting in the classroom

Rob Newberry, Director of Education Technology at Chatsworth International School in Singapore, Apple Distinguished Educator, Prezi evangelist and all around good guy was one of the first testers of Prezi Meeting. After the feature went live, he immediately started to use it in the classroom. First he thought his grade 5 class how to use Prezi, then after getting good at it, he introduced Prezi Meeting - just a few days after it was launched. The kids said it was easy to learn, and they really enjoyed using it.

Rob believes that Prezi Meeting allows students to work with students in other classes, and then other schools, ultimately work with students in other countries around the world. Prezi is nothing new for Rob: as a teacher he finds it ultimately engaging - the way information is laid out makes it so much more accessible. Similarly, the fact that it is collaborative, can incorporate multimedia, and lends itself nicely for embedding in student's ePortfolios make it a very powerful tool for organization, presentation and displaying learning. After having used it for a few weeks, Rob thinks the best part of Prezi Meeting is that after one invite - that Prezi is always collaborative. He doesn't need to keep inviting students to collaborate, and once they invite each other - they are collaborators forever.
This is how Prezi Meeting looks like in his class network (click for larger version):


Korean Prezi theme launched in teamwork with local community 

It all started with a Facebook message. The sender was Jihoon Roh, a Prezi author from Seoul, Korea. He asked if we had plans to create a Prezi theme that works with Korean fonts. It turned out that he voluntarily represents a fast growing Prezi community in Korea and, besides using Prezi, he also teaches others about our zooming space. Soon we got to know to an amazingly active Korean community on Facebook and their Prezi support forum. We will release a Korean Prezi theme for Hangul Day (October 9).

To celebrate the release, we have asked Jihoon to talk about his community and our cooperation.

How did you get to know Prezi?

After reading Jeff Jarvis' book What Would Google Do, I subscribed to his blog. Once he posted his new journalism project using Prezi. It was my first time seeing Prezi. It was a bang! Soon I tried out Prezi and realized that it's not just for presentations, it’s also a creativity tool. From text to images and video, the way of expression is more visual. Also, info-graphics are becoming a more important issue at both work and school. Ideas are contagious and I believe ideas shown with Prezi can change the world.

You became the engine of the Korean Prezi community. What motivated you to do this and how did you start?

Unfortunately, Korean people don’t often use foreign web services because of language barriers. Twitter and Facebook use just got more excessive with smart phones spreading in the country. I couldn't wait to see my fellow Koreans to start happy zooming! That’s why I made a Facebook page to introduce and share Prezi, and conducted the pezKor open seminars. When I conducted the 3rd open seminar I requested a greeting video from Adam, co-founder of Prezi. Adam did it, and his greeting video filled the audience with new zeal.
Now I have a diverse audience: one of my seminar attendees use Prezi as a mental healing tool for kids. She is the head of an occupational therapy center. Many professional coaches asked me how they can use Prezi for their lectures. One speaker of the 3rd open seminar did a great singing and dancing performance with Prezi. I met all of them online, through the Facebook page, Twitter and then at the pezKor open seminar. These meetings gave me lots of inspiration. Today Facebook stats show that interest has risen after every open seminar. And it’s just the beginning.

You have reached out and soon we started to work on the Korean Prezi theme. How was our cooperation from your viewpoint?

First I’ve checked out a topic on the Prezi community forum where users asked for a Korean Prezi theme. I thought we needed someone who takes responsibility for the project. So I decided to contact Prezi through Facebook. I liked cooperating with you guys! When I sent an email to Prezi in the morning, I got answer from you guys by the evening. Time difference between the west and the east just helped us.

How will the community benefit from the Korean Prezi theme?

Many Korean people have difficulties in expressing themselves with good English. That’s why they hesitate to pour their stunning ideas into Prezi. Thanks to the Korean Prezi style, students are also able to develop their creativity in Prezi. Furthermore, many countries in Southeast Asia teach Korean as a second language at schools. I’m sure the Korean Prezi style will help global users too.


Fun way to use Prezi Meeting!

We’re always looking for innovative ways to use Prezi, so we were thrilled when the good folks at Google emailed us a link to Prezi Meeting to sign a digital birthday card for a mutual friend! We’ve all been there: someone at the office buys a card for a colleague and asks everyone to pass it around, but at some point the momentum stops and the card gets stuck on someone’s desk. Now you can have everyone sign a card - without tracking down where it is!

Simply start a prezi, and click the Meeting link in the upper right corner of the screen in Edit mode to generate an “Invite to Edit” link. Email this link and see the avatars pop up! Add videos, text, and images to create an interactive card.

Are you using Prezi Meeting in a creative way? We’d love to know!