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Champion of the Month: Danyel Elferink

Danyel Elferink is the founder and owner of ASSISTENZWERK. His company does more than help people create prezis, but in 2009 when Elferink came across Prezi doing a search for Powerpoint alternatives, he fell in love and hasn’t stopped using our zoomed based product. “Prezi is a great tool to visualize complex interrelations and make them understandable to the audience” says Elferink.

In the beginning of 2011 customers started asking Danyel if he could give them an introduction to Prezi, which is where he came up with the concept of starting Prezi workshops. The first workshops were held in Danyel’s office in Muenster, Germany. Today he offers workshops in Germany, Switzerland and Austria!

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A Day to Remember

Multiple choice question: Yesterday, Prezi ______________________.

A. announced it has passed 10 million users

B. announced the official launch of its PowerPoint import feature

C. announced a "Think Outside the Slide" contest

D. joined founders from LogMeIn and USTREAM and VCs from Accel Partners and Sunstone capital for a public session on successful Hungarian-founded start-ups (image on the left)

E. celebrated its 3rd birthday (image on the right)

The answer is F: All of the above. Yesterday was a big day for Prezi.  A good time (and late morning) was had by all.

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The Testing of the Snark


Hi. My name is Peter and I work for Prezi in Budapest. 

Every day at prezi, we strive to release software that is smarter, faster and more beautiful than yesterday's. In order to do that, we deploy new versions of the product several times a day. This would be impossible without up-to-date tests which point out problems before our users find them.

Instead of creating a long document for how tests should be treated, I wrote a silly poem. Hopefully it will do its part in ensuring Prezi becomes even better than it is today!


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Prezi Culture Research

Hi. My name is Adam, and I work for Prezi in Budapest. When I’m not hacking at Prezi, I spend my Tuesdays at Corvinus University of Budapest, working towards my Masters degree in Management and Leadership.

As part of my studies, I took a course on “organizational culture.” As part of the course, we were given a practical group assignment: approach an organization, and do some research into its internal culture. To my excitement, our group chose Prezi!

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Prezi co-hosts SF Meet-up with

This past Thursday evening, Prezi hosted its third SF Meet-up in our new office location. Co-hosted with, the event provided a forum for the approximately 85 attendees to discuss visual innovations in the presentation realm.

We were very grateful to have three engaging speakers:


  • Our very own CEO, Peter Arvai spoke about the historical significance of visual innovations, as well as the idea that Prezi allows one to combine both illustrating and explaining into one medium
  • Leticia Britos Cavagnaro, the Associate Director of the Epicenter at Stanford and a lecturer for the Creativity & Innovation class at Stanford's d.School shared some content from her curriculum.
  •’s CTO, Glenn Reid, discussed more conceptual ideas regarding visual innovations and how we still view everything through rectangles.

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