On-Demand Webinar: Images that Influence – Getty Images 2017 Visual Trends

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It doesn’t matter what industry you work in or which role you hold in your company: imagery matters. Company logos, business presentations, advertisements, event banners, ebooks, videos, landing pages — visuals are everywhere. And, when they lack value and meaning, fail to resonate, or appear outdated, so does your brand.

Catch up with which images have an impact in today’s world by watching this webinar with Lindsay Morris, Getty Images’ Sr. Manager of Creative Planning in this webinar. She’ll take you through the year’s most profound visual trends in advertising, business, and design. You’ll also learn:

  • How to be more inspired by imagery, and use it to shape your business content, messaging, and approach
  • Why visuals and imagery matter so much when it comes to customer engagement and retention
  • How to ensure that the visuals you choose or create have the highest impact on your audience, get them to take action, and keep your company memorable

Plus, you’ll find out where these trends come from, why they stick, and how to make emerging themes work for your business. Check out the webinar below.



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