On-demand webinar: The big narrative — How to communicate a disruptive message

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Almost every influential leader in history has had one thing in common: a knack for telling great stories. When you’re trying to move the needle at your company—whether it’s influencing your boss, securing more funding, or disrupting your industry—you need a killer story. Save your message from getting lost in translation by weaving storytelling into all of your communications.

In this webinar, join narrative strategist, storytelling expert, and TEDx speaker, Michael Margolis, to learn all about how to best communicate disruptive ideas through story.

You’ll learn:

  • How to frame your message to get 90% of the room on your side
  • How to find your bigger story—no matter how technical or complex the topic
  • 10 common storytelling mistakes to avoid when delivering high-stakes presentations
  • How to turn your presentations into dynamic conversations that come alive

Plus, Michael will share a specific 3-step sequence used by many of Silicon Valley’s top leaders to deliver incredible presentations, including executives from Airbnb, Google, Facebook, IBM, Microsoft, SAP, Genentech, NASA, Greenpeace, and the Dalai Lama Fellows.

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