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When you have big school projects to work on, it can be tough to create something that’ll wow your teacher (and your classmates) while still making time for all of your other assignments and exams. We’re here to help with this collection of 12 incredible reusable Prezi presentations and customizable templates to get you started on the right foot. 

Featured presentations 

Our featured presentations show off what Prezi is capable of through clever use of animations and visuals. Plus, all of these presentations are reusable, so once you find a design you like, you can click on “Make a copy” to add your own content. 

For when you want to show off your personality

International celebration of ice cream

Show off your personality in your school projects with this ice cream Prezi presentation.

This sweet presentation is fun, colorful, and stylish — perfect for adding some flavor to your school projects. 

The data wars

For school projects that need you to compare and contrast, use this Prezi presentation.

For assignments that require you to compare and contrast, stand out with this epic battle-themed presentation. 

The buzz about bees

Use the bright visuals and animations in this Prezi presentation for your school projects.

The bright visuals and clear structure in this presentation can help you tell a compelling story. Complement your content with effective use of animations and your class won’t bee-lieve their eyes. 

For when you want to explain a concept in detail

The physics of surfing

Make school projects on complex subjects easier to understand with this surfing-themed Prezi presentation.

Explaining a complex idea with blocks of text will make it instantly forgettable. With this presentation as a foundation, you can easily replace the images to help illustrate your topic. 

Chemical compound naming 

This Prezi presentation on chemical compounds can be used to break down any concept into pieces or steps.

When you need to break down a concept and explain it step by step, turn to this presentation for a winning formula. 

For when you need to provide context 

Climate change

Use this Prezi presentation for school projects where you need to cover a big subject like climate change.
Grab their attention by making your presentation more interactive

Use this presentation to create a high-level overview of a subject and walk your class through the what, why, when, and how. 

Why people don’t vote

Dig deeper into your subject for your school projects with this Prezi presentation.

For more complex subjects that invite a lot of opinions and discussion, use the sub-topics in this presentation to dig deeper into causes, effects, and solutions. 

Biography of Henry Ford

For history or English school projects, try using this Prezi presentation on Henry Ford.

This biography of Henry Ford is perfect for history or English projects where you need to explore a person’s life in detail. 

Featured templates

If you’d like to start from more of a blank slate, we also have a wide selection of presentation templates you can choose from. Here are some suggestions for your school projects: 

Open book 

An open book Prezi presentation template perfect for a wide range of school projects.

The book image in this template can cover many subjects, making it a versatile starting point for your assignments. 


An illustrated Prezi template whenever you need to report on results or data.

Use this illustrated template to better structure your data and results, and present them in an interesting way. 

Training – health

Create stunning presentations with the vibrant colors in this template.

While this template has a healthcare theme, the stunning background image and vibrant colors make it a fun option for any subject. 

Mind map

Plan out your assignments with this mind mapping presentation template.

When you have a lot of content to cover, this template provides an effective way to organize your thoughts and ideas. 

Ace your next school presentation without spending hours and hours building something from scratch. Pick a Prezi presentation or template above to get started, and be sure to visit our Learn page for tutorials and tips. 

If you’re short on time, you can also quickly turn your existing slide decks into zooming Prezi presentations with our PowerPoint Converter feature. For even more great features, including offline access, be sure to check out our discounted EDU Plus plan.

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